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AI not using artillery

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The AI arty use is spotty, sometimes it's awful, sometimes surprisingly good. In one LOD battle the axis/ai arty managed to bombard a platoon of tanks and then unload on an infantry group in the woods. Rather excellent arty use.

If you like playing against the ai you shouldn't try and figure out the ai arty usage rules. It's quite possible to sucker the ai into using it's arty incorrectly.

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Tonight I got to eat my words regarding the AI's use of the 81mm artillery.

Had the usual suspects down the German left hand side, as well as having the 20mm at the end of the road with the 2 MG34 HMG's and on both sides.

They were having a ball carving the enemy up paper thin when with a great deal of pricision the American artillery come raining down.

Quite a disruption to the fun. However, not much was done in the way of damage. Which I will note was the same feeling I got when I used it.

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From off-map, 81mm is not very destructive. It spreads the shells over too wide an area to effectively attack point targets with any consistency. It's great against large formations in motion, especially in trees; it rips their morale and makes them go to ground or run for it, but not too swift against dug in defenders who can simply hunker down and wait for it to pass.

On-map 81mm with a proper spotter on the other hand is deadly against dug in troops.

I suspect the best use of the 81mm FO in LoD is to drop smoke at critical moments to mask the movement of your infantry or armor across open areas. Watch him carefully though and don't let him shoot more than a turn's worth at a time. More than that is just a waste and you may need him more than once.


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