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Alrighty Then! Scenario of the Week: Fruhlingswind


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I played this one after reading the many AAR's written here. So taking the Germans I vowed to use my perfect intel to achieve total victory while preserving my force as best as is possible.

My initial unoriginal idea was to feed a platoon with HMG into and through the central ravine. Then follow them with another platoon and do a bounding overwatch type movement. The thin-skinned vehicles (skinnies) would shoot and scoot in an attempt to reveal enemy guns and tanks without being destroyed.

When the Mark III's came on board I would send the two platoons with infantry on board on a dash into the brush covered valley behind the berms on the left (south) side of the map. The other platoon would shoot and scoot in flanking areas. All vehicles not making the rush would shoot and scoot to draw attention away from the the big dust cloud on the left.

After this it would be a matter of cresting all Mark III's simultaneously in hull down positions to overwhelm the Americans. Defeat the tanks then mop up the infantry with my tanks and infantry.

The battle:

Infantry - The lead platoon advances into the central gully. The HMG being slower and not able to "advance" gets pinned by M3 and 75 mm halftrack fire. They finally make it down the slope to join their platoon which then gets hit by an arty barrage which injures 7 men. While casualties were sustained the American ammo expenditure was not worth it which would haunt them later. All other infantry is still safely behind the eastern berm.

AFV's - My shoot and scoot idea while appearing theoretically sound was a practical failure. Only veteran units do it to my liking as anything less dallies to long trying to target and eventually gets brewed. While I did reveal the location of the American tanks all of my thin skinned AFV's were destroyed (5) or gun damaged (2). In CM (like real life) these things (skinnies) probably do best in a battle situation in mopping up infantry.

Early analysis:

I like that I know where the American tanks and 1 halftrack are located. The tanks are in the orchard area and the halftrack is right in the geographic center of the map. This mean there are no tanks at the SW flag so if I can get my MkIII's in position I should be able to cut off armor support for that corner. Losing my skinnies was irritating given my initial goals but that's the way it goes sometimes. My initial infantry losses were not bad. I have also taken to heart the observations that infantry in the desert are vulnerable and will not reveal most of mine until the end.

MkIII Arrival - I position the infantry loaded MkIII's behind the SE berm and the other MkIII platoon is in the center. The center starts shooting and scooting. In the spirit of Rommel I use the gun damaged skinnies in a move-and-reverse fashion in an attempt to confuse and draw fire. After a couple of turns I move the center MkIII's to the right flank in order to get the M3's turned away from the left where the mad dash will occur shortly.

I dash the infantry-laden MkIII's one platoon at a time into the southern valley. Both platoons with infantry intact make it even though the American tanks get a few shots off. The infantry disembarks with one platoon behind the berm facing the SW flag and the other behind the berm facing the W flag on the big building.

The "fun" begins - Over the next 10-15 turns the armor battle is fought. The Americans have all of their armor and AT guns in the orchard area. I have two platoons of MkIIIs behind the SW berms (close) and a platoon on the right (NE)flank (far). So I can get some of the tanks with flanking fire. The tank battle roars on as I move tanks into hull down positions. The Americans are playing shoot and scoot. Some of the allied tanks "boldly" approach my NE MkIIIs and then turn their flank to them as they decide to face the SW MkIIIs. They are promptly dispatched as are the halftracks. As time goes on the American tanks take more losses and retreat into the orchard. The final tank fight revolves around my NE MkIIIs and the American tanks between the orchard and the oasis. During this tank battle the AT guns located in the orchard and oasis were dealt with by arty although it did take tank fire to finally subdue the AT gun in the oasis. I used all of my arty on AT guns and only got one! It did keep their heads down, though. Ultimately, all of the American tanks were destroyed or abandoned while I lost two MkIIIs.

End Game (ca. turn 25 to the end) - Objective one was to take the SW flag so I fast-moved my four remaining MkIIIs down the berm and into a depression S of the flag. As they got near the building various infantry postions were exposed and suppressed by point blank fire. If there was a bazooka present it didn't get a shot off. After a couple minutes of point-blank tank fire I advanced an infantry platoon to mop up the mess. One MkIII captured the entire Company HQ (10 men) while the other guys shouted "Get out here or they'll kill us all" which unfortunately turned out to be true as they did run and the tanks and infantry mercilessly mowed them down. They should have followed their leadership's example. ;)

The other central MkIII platoon slowly moved towards the large flag with all 5 tanks. The infantry hung back until the Americans were on the run and then the infantry advanced.

At some point during this part of the game I started moving my other infantry from way back in the start zone into the north central brushy area. They gingerly moved foward but since the tanks had flushed, flouted, and fleeced the enemy infantry in hindsight my infantry advance was overcautious.

The NE MkIIIs moved forward less their veteran HQ tank as it had been hit and 4 of the 5 crew memebers injured or killed. These tanks basically keep any remaining American tanks focused on them rather than what was going on south of them. These MkIIIs expended a lot of AP ammo as three of the four were in single digit loadouts at the end of the game. They bounced a lot of AP off of Sherman tanks.

The end result was a major victory. My tired infantry were in the cemetary but not in the large building at the end. My overcautious movement resulted in too much advancing at the end and tuckered the poor fellas out. I did take the SW flag and those MkIIIs moved parallel to the road along the W edge of the map engaging targets of opportunity.

The plan worked pretty well as the Americans chose not to deploy any tanks at the SW flag so were literally cornered in the NW (orchard). They did try several times to get tanks to the SW but had to run a gauntlet of 9-10 MkIIIs and were either killed or had to retreat.

I thoroughly enjoyed this scenario. I wore my headphones and had the volume up loud to really get into it! One thought I had on the map in an AI vs. human match-up is that if it was extended 0.5-1 km south and the Americans received armor reinforcement around turns 15-20 at the southeast end of the map (from Sidi Bou Zid ) it would have really created some difficulties as my panzers behind the south and central berms would have been exposed to flanking fire without protection. Add a little berm to the south end and the Americans could flank from hull down positions...YIKES!

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I played this scenario TCP/IP with my usual Combat Mission opponent. He took the Axis side and it was a real good show. All settings and the set up were on default.

Where to begin? The Axis brought down their 105mm's on 3rd Platoon positioned near the Company HQ to the right of the Orchard. The first 105 of the battle killed a member of the Company HQ.

Afterwards 3rd Platoon's M3 Halftrack engaged the German PSW Armored Cars & Halftracks as they came in range, but was hit and exploded. The explosion killed one member of the crew and must've severely burnt the rest. Not only that but Sergeant Lane, 3rd Platoon, had his foxhole right next to the M3 when it blew up and one of his men got hit. They went into a panic and ran off. So things weren't going well :)

Lt. Bozak's 2nd Platoon was holding on the far left north of the Orchard. I had a Halftrack & Grant stationed over there to support him & his men. The Germans assaulted through their sector unfortunately and we lost the Halftrack. What the Axis did not see however were the two AT guns I had hiding; Corporal Corrales with 2nd Platoon and Corporal Berger waaay back with 3rd Platoon at the Company Headquarters. When the PSW's came into sight they were promptly struck down by AT Guns and Grants.

2 Platoon was then hit by 81mm mortars and suffered its first couple of casualties. They also defended against a small infantry attack that was beaten off with the help of Sgt. Warner's Grant. All in all they had the highest casualties of the battle (although they were still relatively light).

My Shermans showed up just in time to help me deal with the Panzer III's. I was quite sure I was going to get overrun since I was -very- outnumbered tank wise and had already lost one Grant (Sgt. Jack's) near the Orchard a few turns earlier. Still there was nothing for it and I set up a nice defensive line.

Sgt. Warner's Grant supported 2nd Platoon north of the Orchard. Sgt's Arabian and Orton moved their M4A1's north just ahead of the Orchard and engaged Panzer III's from there. The Grant CO Lt. Hamel and his comrade Sgt. Jenner would fight with 4th Platoon on the road to Sidi Bou Zid. Sgt. Rouselle's Grant and MacGonigal's M4A1 would fight a little ways down the road from them while the Sherman CO Lt. Edison & Sgt. Sablove fought on the road behind Company HQ & 3rd Platoon.

So that was my tank defense against the onslaught of Panzer III's. Essentially I had them all over the front. Here's what happened.

The Axis Panzers engaged us from long range and a very long tank battle ensued. We had them in a crossfire, and he lost a few Panzers very early on. My tanks fought -very- bravely and skillfully to the end. At 4th Platoon's position Lt. Hamel and Sgt. Jenner's Grants were both hit after putting up a fierce fight and downing several Panzers. Sgt's Rouselle, Sablove, and Orton were also knocked out. All crews made it out of their vehicles safely. For those losses though we destroyed the entire Panzer force save for one or two tanks.

At that point the Germans were getting desperate so they sent infantry & a Panzer III to attack 2nd Platoon again. Cpl Caldwell's two man bazooka team was killed by enemy fire while they lay in their foxholes trying to keep their heads down. But with the armored superiority I had I was able to use Sgt. Warner's Grant and Sgt. Arabian's Sherman to destroy the Panzer and shoot up the infantry.

Simultaneously a platoon of Germans attacked 4th Platoon through open ground, but the story was pretty much the same. With the Shermans support 4th Platoon beat them off and only suffered minor casualties. A stronger attack hit 3rd Platoon as the Germans used a ravine to cover their movements and then attacked in force. But they were mowed down as well.

At the end of the battle the last remaining Panzer III mounted what looked like a suicide attack. He rolled full speed towards 4th Platoon. Sgt. Atak's squad, seeing a fully laden Panzer III charging at them, ran away without suffering any casualties or even being fired upon. The Panzer was destroyed by a Sherman, and the entire German crew captured. Afterwards the surviving Germans surrendered, and I won a total victory.

The Germans lost 38 killed, 102 wounded, 225 captured, and 22 vehicles.

My casualties were 7 killed, 26 wounded, and 8 vehicles destroyed.

It was a great battle. I had a good time. Line of Defense was even better though :-P

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Played US, put all the 37's, TD's with a Inf plt+ .30Mg all in the orchard, Lee plt on the right flank with an Inf plt, zook & .30Mg on the rev slope of the ridge in front of the Lees. Last Inf plt strung along behind the stone wall in front of the mosque, all Inf hiding.

I just kept hitting play, 74-26 US Major Victory, only lost the Lees and TDs, my Inf didn't open fire until DAK Inf crossed the open ground before the walls, geez talk about Flanders :D ...Gerry armour never got past the ridge in front of their start lines...

Then I played Axis...lol

Consider the Hammering they got previously I planned a set piece assault on my left, and waited for all the Armour to arrive.

Lined up everyone before the ridgeline, timed the 105 Arty to HE area prep around the little house, with smoke from the mortars...

Blew the whistles, foot Inf moved off over into the rough, everything with wheels and tracks hooped up and over, accelerators to the floors. Geez what a mother of a dust cloud :D , The PzIII Co. closed bloody fast to the Lees and it was all over for in that neck of the woods. Lees must of panicked?, most of them drove around all over the place. Switched Arty to the mosque area and flanked the Shermans which were starting to give me a lot of hurt, with the my last plt of Pz III's. Rolled up the mosque and with my Inf. US surrendered before end game...

Got a Minor Axis Victory 63-37.

The PzIII cavalry charge was quite memorable, I couldn't afford a long range shoot-off with armour of those Lees and Shermans, nasty surprise that, Great senario Rune ;)

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Going to reply to the poster from the Scenario Depot. While I applaud greatly the work of Admiral Keth, you now see why I have given up on the depot, and no longer post scenarios there.

Spoilers in case you haven't played it yet....




Yes, you don't get it, as seen by the postings here. According to you, it is not playable since the Germans don't have tanks on turn 1.

Let's see, I have Nafziger, An Army at Dawn and others that all say the attack was led by, wait for it, by recon assets. You complain that tanks don't show up till turn 5.

So, five minutes into a battle you cannot launch a tank attack. If anything, the tanks arrive too early. However, i compressed what happened into a shorter time span. Use the few minutes to RECON and find out where the enemy is. Once that happens, you tanks have arrived and then launch the attack you planned. People here say all the time they want time to plan and then attack, they don't want to start in a fight right away.

The reason I picked the scenarios authors on the CD are they realize, there is NOT one style of play. Read all of the above to see how different people approached this differently. Don't get locked into it has to be one way or nothing.

No, you cannot surprise the Americans. No kidding. The engine doesn't allow that. You can set the tone, and most players will abide by that, but being a demo, I allowed it so players can try all sorts of things to get a feel for the game. There are also people who will always try gamey things, their loss. We have always designed the scenarios to be played with the default settings the first time through, and then play around if they want.

Out of about 35 emails I got, 4 asked questions, 3 thought the scenario was so-so, the rest loved it. You attacked it since it didn't fit you thinking. Sorry you didn't like it, but will take those numbers anyday.


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Not even a contest. I whacked Elvis Panzer III driving fascist yahoos like the proverbial red-headed stepchildren, for an 88:12 magnificent victory following his grovelling surrender.

His Panzer III got caught in the cross-fire between the Grants and the Shermans, and that was that. The only thing he managed to annihilate was a platoon position in the centre of the map. I lost one Grant and one Sherman to frontal penetrations (sit down Bauhaus), as well as both M3GMCs (the latter to unknown causes).

Those PzB41 equipped HTs make nice BBQs after their spectacular explosions.

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I don't have the full game yet (will be eagerly awaiting the mailman tomorrow!), but have been playing the demo as much as I can. I remember reading that the AI does better on defense, so I have been taking the attacking side. My first try as Germans in Fruhlingswind was a dismal failure, so I have been playing Line of Defense, but am now trying again on this one. Still not going well, so I'm hoping for some advice...

I decided to play it cool and patient and wait for my tanks to arrive before beginning the attack this time. I used the waiting time to get my infantry into position as close as possible to the ridges, ready to move out in coordination with the tank attack. I had one platoon on the north side, joined by the first group of infantry reinforcements that arrived with the halftracks; one platoon in the middle, to go down the wadi; and one platoon on the south, joined by later reinforcements that arrived riding tanks. I had the beginning 4 armored cars (PSW 222s) in position on the north to assist the infantry over there, the 3 halftracks (SPW 250/11s) toward the middle to assist the first 10 tanks in a rush over the ridge in the open area south of the wadi. When the last 5 tanks arrived, they would move into the middle open area north of the wadi to help out whichever direction seemed most in need.

Needless to say, hardly anything went as planned.

When my tanks fired at the American Grants, I mostly saw Ricochet results. When the Grants fired back, it was Knocked Out, Knocked Out, Knocked Out. I had the idea from reading this thread that the key would be to get my tanks in close as soon as possible, but that proved easier to say than to do. The tanks that were still capable of movement steadfastly ignored my orders to advance, preferring to retreat back over the ridge out of the line of fire, or at best to hold their ground. I had hoped that my 10 Panzers could take out the 5 Grants before the Shermans arrived, but as of turn 15 I have only 8 Panzers left (out of 15) and am still facing 5 Grants, plus the 5 Shermans! Not looking good at all...

About those SPWs... I see that they carry plenty of that nifty tungsten ammo, but it isn't much use when they refuse to fire a single shot! I first ordered them over the top in company with the first 10 Panzers, with the result of one SPW in flames and the other two in full reverse without firing a shot. Next I sent them across to the south (out of line of sight), then ordered them to do shoot-n-scoot which should have offered them some nice flank shots at the Grants that were shooting up my Panzers. The SPWs advanced to the top of the ridge, then as soon as they saw the enemy tanks they slammed into reverse and backed down - again without firing. How can I persuade them to use some of that T ammo to try and take out some enemy tanks?

The PSWs - are these things good for anything besides roasting marshmallows over? I sent them in support of the northern infantry push into the scrub brush, where they would be facing American infantry and one AT gun, and I figured their guns and MGs would be a big help there. Wrong - as soon as they cleared the ridge they were all dead in one turn, two in flames and the other two crippled and abandoned. Part of the problem was that I had counted on the simultaneous tank assault to distract the Grants, but at least one of the Grants decided to shoot at PSWs instead, all the way across the map - BOOM BOOM, flames and smoke erupt from dead PSWs.

I suppose I will play this out at least until all of my tanks are gone, but with my 8 tanks facing 10 of theirs, and my infantry attacks not all where I had hoped either, it is not looking good.

Any hints? Please?

Lt. Badger

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First I played as the Axis(this was my first time...ever... playing the game).

Playing as the Axis

My initial plan was to send one recon platoon over the left to reveal enemy positions by the simple expedient of letting them shoot at me.

The rightmost recon platoon would do the same thing on the right.

The center reconplatoon would sneak into the gully, right up to the end of it, and be ready to pounce at an oppertunity.

Since the enemy positions looked the weakest towards the right(not a large amount of cover from his point of view) I decide to have my scout cars pop up there and provide some covering fire for my right side platoon.

Expecting the majority of the enemy defenses to be located around the objectives I set down the Artillery markers right next to the mosque.

My initial plan for my panzers was to have them concentrated on the left flank(since that offered the best approach once the assult would begin), they would be in a depression for most of the way.

But originally I planned to have them shoot from the ridge.

Initially the plan went well, my recon squads sneaked over the ridge to the left, center and right. The armored cars went into hull down position on the right and immideatly an enemy halftrack revealed itself and was eliminated by the fire from my armored cars.

At that moment my own halftracks arrived and I decided to send them and the infantery with them to support the rightmost attack.

Then came the low point of the battle. In just 2 turns the AT guns supported by tankfire from the extreme left made smoldering piles out of all of the halftracks and 2 scout cars.

On my left flank my recon was detected and came under fire. The center recon though managed to get into the gully undetected(and over the following turns quickly maneuvered into position at the end of the gully, ready to strike).

I started to rain down artilleryfire around the mosque, figuring that since there was an AT piece there and probally loads of infantry this was probally the best time to unleash some death from above. The artilleryfire knocked out the central AT-piece. Which meant that as for now the threat against my viechles was the AT gun on the right and the tanks on the left.

My panzers had started arriving and I grouped them up for an attack on the left, dismounting infantery just behind the ridge.

I knew that my panzer IIIs would be unsuited for fighting against the AT piece on the right(Alot of punch for its calibre against tanks with an L60, but against infantery it's the calibre that's important, and 50mm just isn't enough)

If I had any PanzerIVs I might have tried to gun down that AT-gun, but now I didn't. So I decided that it would be best for my infantry to push on the attack on the right and destroy/pin it down while I made my move on the left. From now on I simply viewed my forces on the right(2 scout cars and 2 platoons of infantry) as expendable, a diversionary maneuver.

I knew that the lethal range for a Panzer III wasn't all that good, the tanks of the Afrika Korps had always been inferior to the tanks of their opponents, and 50mm/L60 vs 75mm/L38 didn't look good at all. He had both longer barrels and a larger calibre.

I had to get close where my guns would be proportionally more effective...and where my numbers would take it's toll.

When I had formed up my panzers for assult it showed that I could just fit in 10 panzers down that gully if I wanted to maintain a single line and a bit of space between them.

With the AT gun in the center down I figured that 1 Panzerplatoon could advance along the gully and then attack the enemy from the right, giving me a few shots against their side armor.

That idea looked even better when the Allied crew abandonded the AT gun on the right under my fierce attack(which meant that I brought up the Scoutcars alot closer to support my troops against the pesky infantery that had revealed themselves.

Now my panzers surged forward, the infantery running along besides them.

I lost no panzer as I crossed the ridge(suprisingly enough) and then surged into the valley below.

On the right my infantry came under bombardment from two shermans, but luckily my scoutcars were deployed where the shermans couldn't hit them, and the shermans were deployed too far back to hit my Panzers on the left(the orchard was in the way). The infantry on the right was now firmly bogged down from the combined might of the shermans and the remaining infantry, but as I viewed them as expendable I didn't mind. As long as they occupied the shermans it was worth it!

My attack on the left went exceptionally well.

The 2 panzerplatoons on the utmost left quickly surged forward and went into a hull down position JUST infront of the grants and started to trade slugs(the Grants NOT giving as good as they got).

Meanwhile my panzers in the center surged forward, crossed the gully and attacked the Grants from the right(destroying a Halftrack skulking behind the houses along the way).

Now that my panzers were up close the Grants went down quickly, with just 3 of my own panzers lost(and one of those to a bazooka team).

The following turns were spent bombarding the enemy infantry around the leftmost objective into submission while my own infantry caught up.

Once my own squads caught up they charged and the enemy infantry surrendered or were destroyed.

Now my Panzers on the center started bombarding the infantrypositions around the mosque.

The forces on my leftmost flank now wheeled in, and promptly I lost 2 panzers to shermans skulking behind the buildings and way back in the orchard.

A fierce battle between my leftmost Panzers and those Shermans erupted, and ended with 3 shermans dead. I had now lost a total of 6 panzers(the rightmost platoon being unharmed the leftmost platoon being eliminated and the last platoon having lost 1 tank).

I was just lucky the Shermans on the far right were still trying to shoot up my infantry(with little effect, they were bogged down, but not taking alot of casualties).

Now my infantry surged up to the mosque and from the gully(the Recon platoon that had been left there) and quickly eliminated the enemy. The support of 9 panzers was quite enough to keep the enemy pinned down whily my forces assulted, and once close up the forces who had endured fire from panzers and artilleryfire were quite thinned down.

I left a platoon of infantry to guard the objective and surged on towards the Orchard to eliminate the last tanks and to mop up the remaining infantry on the right.

The 2 remaining shermans proved to be quite a nuiscance and eliminated 4 more panzers before going down.

Then the computer surrrendered.

End result.

A major victory for me.

Remaining forces were:

5 Panzers(3 from the Rightmost platoon and two from the central)

1 Scout car(the other had been eliminated by the shermans)

Loads of infantry(except for the recon and infantry platoon on the right the Panzers had done most of the fighting, the infantry merely mopped up. Blitzkreig personified).

Closing comment: Not bad for playing the game for the first time.

As the Allies

This fight was ALOT easier. Defense when you're in hull down position and the enemy tanks have a disadvantage at range, combined with an AI that isn't all too keen on the assult ends up with a quite easy victory for the allies.

With my experience of the limitations of AI this time I fully expected the enemy panzers to stay back at the ridge if I gave them enough of a fight.

With that in mind I let all armored viechles stay in place.

I only made two real changes.

1. I regrouped my central bazooka team and the HQ captain to the left flank, besides the AT gun. I figured that if the enemy attacked at the center my AT units would have a field day anyway(with lots of flankshots), and I had a plan for those bazookas.

I also withdrew my spotter to the mosque and repositioned the central mortar to a more favorable position.

2. I grouped my Halftracks in the orchard so that they couldn't be seen from the ridge but could bombard the area directly infront of the low wall around the mosque.

At the start of the battle I set all my units to hide. Predictably enough the enemy infantry surged over the ridge, and when they were unopposed the scout cars(followed by the halftracks) did the same, right into my trap.

My AT guns and a Grant opened fire and quickly eliminated 3 Halftracks and 2 scoutcars.

The remaining forces ducked back behind the ridge.

Now my shermans arrived and I positioned 3 shermans behind the mosque area, the low wall giving them a hull down position.

The Shermans on the left quickly rushed into hull down position just infront of the oasis.

The following 20 turns were quite uneventful. Merely a long range gunduel where the combined might of my shermans, AT-guns and Grants very slowly pounded the Panzers to pieces.

The enemy infantry surged forward.

On the left flank(against my 37mm AT gun) the attack was weak. Probally just a recon platoon and was quickly repulsed by my infantry(and with the occasional assistance of the two shermans when ever they weren't firing on the panzers).

But on the center(along the gully) and on the right(infront of my Grants) the attack was fierce.

On the right they were shot to bits at close range by the Grants, but at the mosque they called in an artillerystrike that pinned down my troops and then surged forward en masse.

The only thing that saved that position was the fact that I had positioned the two halftracks in the orchard. With the aid of the halftracks the last 30 meters before the wall was turned into a killing zone and the attack was repulsed.

Then the enemy infantry just milled around in the brush. I couldn't get clear shots at them, and I didn't want to advance against them and instead was satisfied to shoot any infantry that showed itself(and emptying my 75mm artillery on a particulary dense mass of krauts).

During the slow wearing gunduel the panzers had suffered losses. Severe losses. The ridge was littered with some destroyed(but most abandoned) panzers. All in all I counted 11 panzers destroyed, plus all remaining halftracks and 1 scoutcar.

I knew the enemy had only 1 scout car and 4 panzers left(having played the scenario before as the germans).

Now I sent forward my leftmost infantry(leaving a machinegun, the platoon leader and 1 infantry platoon to keep the jerries in the brush pinned down from the side).

The rest crept up toward the ridge led my my captain(The captain with 2 infantry, 2 bazookas).

Then they sneaked along the ridge(occasionally sending up an infantry squad to take a peek).

The discovered the remaining scoutcar and the bazookas pulverized it. Then the Grants knocked out 1 more Panzer and I decided to send up my two shermans on the left.

Combined attacks from the bazookas and the two shermans neutralized the final panzers, and then the enemy gave up.

Total victory.

NO lost viechles.

I just lost 1 AT gun(the central 57mm AT gun being knocked out by infantry and artillery) and some infantry.

P.S.: My attempts at Line of Defense didn't go nearly as well. Both as attacker and defender I found it to be tough...very tough. As the defender the lack of tanks and panzershrecks was....worrying. As the attack. Urk... those hidden AT guns were nasty, and the Tiger at the end pretty much eliminated all my remaining tanks..except for 1 Stuart and 1 Sherman. I never managed more than a Major victory as the attacker and a minor victory as the defender)

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Me being the worst CM player ever, i took the default setup, as allies.

Then i only gave orders on -two- turns all the rest i just let the AI do its thing. I won by a landslide.

No point in playing this one as allies unless you want to just see how badly you can whoop the AI over and over again or just "to do it".

Havnt played as the Germans yet.

[ December 17, 2003, 07:35 PM: Message edited by: Troy Spiral ]

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Definitely my favourite demo scenario since CMBO.

We ended it with a draw as germans in PBEM (51% Allies 49% Axis) 7 tanks, including 1 gun damaged, left for the latter, 1 gun damaged Grant remaining on the US side, but still some GIs inside the Mosque.

The 20mm HT were rather effective at giving trouble to the Grant TacAI with nasty multiple side penetrations.

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