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A Combat Mission IV Fantasy

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Let the new Game break new ground in more than just an improved engine. How about:

Combat Mission IV: Blitzkrieg


Spanish Civil War 1936-1939

Poland 1939

Russian-Finish Winter War 1939-1940

Norway 1940

France and the Low Countries 1940

Italian Invasion of Greece 1940

German Invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece 1941

Playable Countries:

Spanish Nationalist

Spanish Republicans






Great Britain







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Just in case the above replies may leave you scratching your head in confusement Sequoia understand that this topic has been covered over and over and over again and I'm afraid people are bored to death with it now.

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I apologize for the beastly members of this forum!

They are really nice guys but after four years certain subjects have become as welcome as tofu at a carnivores convention.

This horse has not only been beaten while dead, the remains have started to fossilize....

Hey speaking of horses why not ask why horses aren't included in CMAK

Welcome to CMAK


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