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Korea 1950-53 What an oportunity to use all of that hard won knowledge of WW2 weapons. The Normandy landings in June 1944 till the surrender of Germany in 1945 lasted less than a year. Korea 1950 till stale mate in 1952 lasted twice as long. Used the same infantry weapons almost the same armour and similar terraine as norhtern Italy except for the extreme cold, just like Russia. What may be needed is browse the web for Korea in 1950-53. Ah http://www.carlisle.army.mil/cgi-bin/usamhi/DL/showdoc.pl?docnum=57 poppy Oh and I forgot to mention the Brits,Yanks,Greeks,Turks, and many other nations were represented.

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for poppy (and others including myself)

i finished copy and renumber of andrew's soviet uniforms, including winter uniforms and juju's soviet guns, gunrack, for cmak korea.

let me test them before i upload them.

i still need flags, dont think i will do portraits or armor.

here is a website with links to pics of soviet supplied weapons

korean war weapons page

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lucho and hans, according to this site korean war tanks

the t34/85 in korea had 90mm armor, 85mm gun

the cmak db shows the tiger e late as 102mm and 88 gun. good substitute?

what german sp used the russian 76?

lots of good info and pics at that site.

i am thinking dd's cmbb grass and steppe mod for terrain. cmak italian houses with a greyish grass roof that i have made.

i cant find any evidence of white wash yet.

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