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Gridded terrain for CMAK


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CMMODS.COM has two sets of gridded terrain mods for CMAK. One comes in a single 50 MB zip, the other comes in 4 zips averaging about 4 MB each. I downloaded both sets, and I like the 4-pack (by Limey) better because the grid lines are sharper. The reason for the size difference is that the single zip has gridded BMPs for all kinds of terrain, but Limey's 4-pack replaces only the desert terrain. That works fine for me because it was mostly the desert terrain giving me trouble with seeing the contours.

I've been told that the remaining terrain types all use the same identical BMP files as in CMBB, so a grid mod for CMBB can also be used to replace these types in CMAK. There is apparently a grid mod done by Captain Wacky for CMBB that is highly recommended, but I haven't tried it yet.

There have been a couple of threads on this topic here in this forum in the past month - search on 'grid' in the subject line.

Lt. Badger

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