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The tale of Cpl Reth and the two Stugs ...

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This is from one of my running PBEM´s with my old friend Harold .

I´ve just watched one of my green zooks hitting, with four shots out of eight shots , above 132 meters.


After my well positioned M10 misses two times above the same distance, getting killed from the first Stug, Cpl Reth took over.

He hit the first Stug with a front upper hull penetration, misses with the second and third shot,then again hits with a front upper hull penetration.

Then he switches target to the second Stug standing BEHIND a bridge. He shots through the

bridge, hitting the Stug with the fifth shot and a front upper hull penetration.

Then he switches target again to the first Stug, nailing it again with the sixth shot and a, you guessed it, a front upper hull penetration.

And he still has two rounds left .... :D

Fear the green zook ....

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That's lucky.

I posted in that "Doh!" thread about hitting my opponent's StuG-IIIG with 2 bazooka rockets. They scored a penetration and a partial.

The crew didnt even bail.

Several more G's were behind him, all with riders.

What happened to my bazooka team can only be described as "extreme prejudice".


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