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Changed Address for My World War II History Website

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Due to Apple's "upgrade" from .Mac to the self-indulgent "MobileMe," the software I've used to build and maintain my web site appears to be going away. I have had to reconstruct the thing in iWeb (bleach). The new address is: World War II History by Harry Yeide. To encourage folks to visit and update any links to my page, I've added a bunch of pictures to the "More Tank Photos" and "More TD Photos" sections. Cheers!

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Originally posted by Aco4bn187inf:

Lots of great photos on the site. Nice to see the amphibious vehicles.

By the way, Harry, do your books cover the use of amtraks in the ETO? I've seen a few photos of their use in Holland, and wondered how many units actually had them.

Commonwealth forces used amtracs in Holland. For the Roer River crossing, the 739th Tank Battalion supplied twenty-seven tank drivers to operate LVTs, which ferried personnel and equipment across the Rriver during the assault. The swift current forced the battalion to discontinue use of the LVTs. The 747th Tank Battalion was issued LVTs for the Rhine crossing, and between 24 and 26 March made 1,112 roundtrips across the Rhine in support of the Ninth Army.
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