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MG squads.


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I've kinda wondered about this:

any thing that seems like a crewed weapon (seems to be pretty vulnerable when spotted), however, the HMG is a squad and only gets eliminated when then last person becomes a casualty.

So assuming firepower or ROF diminishes with the number of casualties (is this right - does this happen in the game), would it be more realistic to

model the HMG like a crewed weapon - that is it becomes disabled with lets say a direct hit?


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The strict seperation of knockout mechanics between guns and mortars on one hand and MGs on the hand is certainly a game mechanic item. In reality the MG is much harder to physically damage, but in principle it is the same, just less probable.

In CM, the only damage is ammo loss when the MG crew moves after taken losses.

In practice however the ROF of a MG in CM is lower on hits because of the supression.

Overall not too bad.

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If I understand you correctly, this kind of thing has been a source of frequent complaints. Players would like to see an MG crew be separable from its weapon just llike mortar and gun crews are. It is to be hoped that this will be given a second look in the engine rewrite, but for now, it is just something we have to live with.


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