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**** ROW V ****


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“The guns are rumbling...the war is on”

Wild Bill Wilder

So it begins...

Welcome one and all to the Rumblings of War Tournament. As with previous ROWs we begin with the Tournament Manual. This will describe the details of how ROW is organized and run, so please take a moment to read up on it.

OK, first on the list:


The deadline for the regular season is June 7th. This gives you 4 months to finish 5 scenarios, so you do the math as to file exchange rates with your opponents. Although TCP is not a requirment, I do suggest looking into organizing a session or two with each opponent if at all possible. Exchanging one e-mail a day will require three days to complete one turn using PBEM. A one hour TCP session may complete 5-10 turns.


AARs are mandatory, as in everybody writes one for each game. A minimum of 5000 words and 30 screenshots...each. Ok, I was kidding about that last part, but not about the mandatory requirment. Look at it this way, you get to play in a very challenging and entertaining tournament. You get to play scenarios designed just for you. You have a chance at winning a case of the finest South African Wine, delivered to your door free of charge. What do we ask in return...feedback. Let us know how you did, what you thought of it, and ways we can improve it. We appreciate your feedback. If you need an idea of what we are looking for in an AAR, let me know and I can e-mail you a couple of good examples.


The moment the first file goes out the tournament is in full FOW lockdown mode. Loose lips sink ships, and they also piss off the tourney organizer :mad: . Do not discuss anything about the tournament with anyone, even your dog. If you have a question that is FOW sensitive, e-mail me.

Dropouts & MIA

The Nabla scoring system cannot handle incomplete games, so we require all games to be finished. If for whatever reason you need to withdraw please let us know right away. You will not be penalized in any way by informing us in a timely manner. If you plan on being offline for an extended period of time please inform your opponents. Also, if an unexpected problem arises that prevents you from informing us (computer problems), have a backup plan so that a message can be sent. In this day and age everyone has a friend or relative with internet access. Have them e-mail me explaining the situation.

Lets see..anything else...?

Oh yeah, first files go out tomorrow ;)

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Originally posted by Kingfish:


To be honest, I have not. This to get them up to speed on the tactical situation?

Basically yes. Basic awareness of the tactical situation, information on what's going on, a feeling of 'inclusion', etc. Being starved of information - particularly info that you know others have - sux0rs.
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Lack of game files? Well who the hell is responsible for that??? Nevermind, I'll take care of it myself :mad:

OK, First files going out now. We are in lockdown, so Shhhh...

For our new players I will now explain how we get started, so please listen carefully. Over the course of today and tomorrow you will receive e-mails from either myself or Spanish Bombs. These will most likely be a bulk e-mail for 12 people at a time, and will have the 'ROW V" tile. Inside you will see a list of opponents, a scenario password, and an attachement. What is inside that attachement depends on whether you are an axis or allied player for that scenario.

If you are the Axis player you will receive the seperate overall and axis briefings, and the saved game file. You will be responsible for starting the game. Just open the file using the password, setup your forces, and then send to your opponent. From that point on the game proceeds as a normal pbem game.

If you are the Allied player you receive the overall and allied briefings. You wait for your axis opponent to send you the files.

Reserve players, you will receive the overall briefings as well. Thank JonS for the excellent idea.

We will begin with the smallest scenario first, and slowly work our way up.

Ok, any questions? You know who to e-mail ;)

Steve McClaire,

I haven't heard from him either. I'll try to get a hold of him today. Either way, we will have G1/S1 up and running on all games by tommorrow evening at the latest.

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