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150mm Brummbar or 105mm Sturmpanzer for AI?


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I'm almost finished with a new scenario for an Allied human v. Axis AI. I am currently tweaking through playtesting. Right now I have a 150mm Brummbar for the AI as a reinforcement. However, I am quite displeased by the AI's employment of this weapon. It never seems to get a shot off.

I've used 105mm Sturmpanzers for the AI before and the AI seems to employ it more effectively that the 150mm Brummbar, getting shots off at infantry. Is it possible that the AI does not manage the 150mm Brummbar effectively as compared to the 105mm Sturmpanzer? I know the reload time for the 105mm is about 2/3 that of the 150mm, but this longer reload time does not seem to be sole reason for the ineffective use. Often the 150mm will go three or four rounds and not fire a shot even though it has many soft and hard targets to choose from.


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STuH42 is my favorite vehicle

knocks down buildings fast, knocks out some armor with HE alone and other armor with HEAT

I just finished stomping AI ( ehhh... ) much more badly than usual

it was snowing very badly and my two platoons of fallschirmjägers were slowed down and then stopped by about 10 armored vehicles ( stuarts and staghounds )

my STuH was traveled around their south flank, they were distracted by the infantry and they had to cross a road, I had my STuH set up to fire across the street, no piece of armor got across

I was then able to manuver it to fire it's 10,5cm at less than 100m at enemy infantry, repelling a few close assaults ( never seen the AI do this before ) with the Nahverteidigungswaffe after expending all the MG ammunition, until the STuH was knocked out by a FT team I had passed up in a building sweep with infantry.

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