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Question for the Tiger Grogs...

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OK, Bear with me, I'm doing a little military modelling here, Tiger's from 501, in Tunisia 1943 had makeshift front fenders/guards... Does anyone know if the rear guards were makeshift too? Clearly the lights were relocated...

Picture found here, about 3/4's the way down...

Hey look, it's ma 500th post!

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Thanks man, I have seen the website! Lot's of great stuff there and I appreciate your input.

Hmmm... NKR

I just ordered $200 worth of stuff from them. The missus will kill me if she ever finds out.

I really liked the Erzatz M10 MOD kit for a Panther G... next time though

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Looks a nice model, it needs a desert paint job now :)

I just finished a [1/72 Dragon] Tiger 1 Sd.Kfz.181 Ausf.E Late Production and the level of detail is quite different. First model I've built in over thirty years and it shows! I made a mess of the wheels and tracks and the stickers came off - but I do like the custom camo job I did!

I think I will stick with the diecast models in future they look much better :)

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