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Grants/Lees too effective?

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That defect might be covered under "partial penetration. flaking/spalling" or however the phrase goes, but I don't think the Lee gets that message very often. That's usually reserved for high hardness armor types like the T34 in CMBB or late war Panthers.

I was surprised by how fightable the Lees and Grants are in the game, myself. I was expecting laughable performance. Instead, I sometimes prefer Lees to Shermans in a fight!

As to flying bolts, in 'Brazen Chariots' by Crisp in one anecdote a bolt cut lose in the author's Stuart. I believe a crewmember had to have his leg amputated as a result.

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Yes, the Grant/Lee was actually an excellent tank at the moment of its first appearance. No turret for the main gun, wasteful of crew, and a bit too tall--so in many respects a clunky design--but with a better gun and more armor than the opposition. Its moment of ascendency didn't last very long, however, did it?

Tank development moved amazingly fast in WWII: best tank in the world one minute, obsolete the next.

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Even in the game you see the Lee evolve pretty quickly, from the short M2(?) 75mm gun to the standard Sherman-type M3 gun, from seven man crew to six (in the patch, at least) and the big side doors welded shut to strengthen the hull. I think I'll do a little mixing-&-matching when I get home tonight. Concoct a little scnario with late war German tanks vs late Lees, just to see how they'd come out.

Everyone cries about achieving 'balanced' games. Lees vs Stugs would pit two limited traverse gun vehicles against eachother!

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