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Hey €uro citiz€ns! BFC or CDV version?

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Hey €uro citiz€ns! Which version you will buy BFC or CDV version?

In this time we €uro citiz€ns can choose between original BFC version and CDV version, do you order from BFC or do you just go to your nearest computer game store ? (deparment store, hypermarket or whatever)and buy the game with nice CDV €uro DVD package with waffengrenadiers and heavy copy protection smile.gif

What is your opinion?

I have not decided, what I do, the dilemma of €uro citizen. But I was very pleased with the demo of CMAK smile.gif

o I forgot British and Nordics (Scandinavians and Finns) except Finns don't still use €uros

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Originally posted by Sirocco:

If you buy the game direct, BFC receive more of the money, so the choice is simple. ;)

This was an important reason to order from BFC for me too. And I want my nazi SS stormtroopers and not some waffen grenadiere. :rolleyes:

It was a test for me to see it lying in the shops today while on my way to my sister to order CMAK (don't have a credit card myself).

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Originally posted by oneirogen:

Err, if this is the case, I do wonder what currency I have been using for the last, umm, few years? Those cheats. :D

I knew it! It's a great conspiracy, "they" gave us fake money, probably from Monopoly-game...

Bring back our Finnmarks!

I ordered from Battlefront and now starting to regret it - my friends are already playing the game and Battlefront's site says that shipping will start on 5th of December.

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I am one of the (seemingly) few who were actually happy with the CDV version. Got it a day before the official release, never had problems downloading a patch and never cared about the Waffengrenadiere. BMPs can be altered, as can be certain annoying copy-protection mechanisms...

And since I ordered CMBO directly from BFC I already had a complete, printed manual to accompany the CMBB tiny one.

And then the temptation of just walking into a store and grab a copy instead of waiting for snail mail... ;)

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For CMBB I had no choice and bought from CDV, but I didn't like at all the changes they made: "waffengranadier", no svastica and SS symbols. After more than 50 years still those fears. Anyway...

For CMAK, I pre-ordered from BTS. I will have wait until shipping day (let's hope it's 5th december!), but I think it will be worth it. smile.gif

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Originally posted by Soddball:

Well, I've ordered direct from BFC, but it turns out that one of my main reasons, the groovy manual, has been discarded so there will be a slimline manual for CM:AK. :(

Still, I've ordered, and that's that.

Sounds familiar :mad: I ordered three copies on the naive assumption I'd finally get a chance to RTFM (pdfs are the sperm of the devil). Oh well, you live and learn...


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Originally posted by Ales Dvorak:

I don't know for CDV but I do know for BFC = printed manual. ;)

Sorry to shatter your utopia.

"In order to reduce costs on this game and be able to sell it for only $35 we have decided to ship it with the main manual as a 210+ PDF file which is installed along with the game from the CD. CMAK will also ship with a 32 page printed Player Guide with a detachable Quick Reference Card."

Oh, I was just kidding. I'm not sorry at all. :D

Maybe they could do something special for the pre-orderers... something like keep their games overnight in the laundry basket where Madmatt stores all his dirty socks and underwear. That would bring to the games a very special aroma which nicely simulates the true horrors of war (my nose will never forget those nights slept in a tent shared by two squads after we had been served pea soup earlier in the day and had had no chance to get clean underwear for a week, and someone was diarrhic, and it was -30 Celsius outside so you couldn't keep the entrance open).

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Although I prefer the BFC version with its SS and sig runes, I will buy the CDV Version of CMAK tomorrow.

This has many reasons: First one, I'm living in germany so there is no chance to have historical correct games :rolleyes: and dont want to think about the correct arrival of my package...

Ok, the main reason is, that I want to play this game NOW :D and I dont want to wait for long time for shipping and so on. The payment is another reason, I have no credit card (poor student).

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Originally posted by athkatla:

I too live in England and have ordered direct from BFC. I thought the release date was 5 Dec 03, am I wrong?

CDV have announced a release date of 28th November, but it's not clear if that's just Germany or the whole of Europe, although it looks like it's already on the shelves in Finland.
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