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The Absolute Final Post For All Time On the Battlefront Forum

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is it. Since this forum is soon to be shut down due to the manifestation of human nature and the consistent, perpetual insistence of people young and old, new and experienced, dumb and dumber, to continue to post ad infinitum and ad nauseum on the topic of what they would not like nor appreciate but instead verily insist on seeing in the next iteration of that game (system) we all love, we (and yes, the Royal "we", or let me permit - We) feel that this should be our final monument to that cherished institution. Let this be our stone tablet at Thermopylae (no, not you of the snarky comment in the "how do you say CMAK" thread, but the real Thermopylae), our paean to the masses - those umpteen thousands of registrants who have come this way to share their feelings on the topic of CM

I am afraid, my friends, it has all been said. Let the fat lady's last vocalizations carry these messages to the heavens:

CM rocks.

Certainly, the most important message. Huzzah for CM.

The developers rock. The modders, scenario designers, and playtesters of the community who laboured for - well, bugger all, really, except their own sense of self worth and belonging, and the thanks of their fellow gamers - well, they rock too, naturally.

The community rocks. Every boneheaded one of you, God love you, with your platitutes and congratulations, your exultations and exclamations. Your stupid questions and brilliant original suggestions so brilliant that they are originally presented 10 times a week.

The questions have all been answered. We know how to take a screen shot. We have been aCMilated. We know the difference between face-hardened steel plate and...err, that other stuff rexford is often on about. We know who can quote chapter and verse on the Italian army, and where to find him, and we know where to stay for cheap while in South Africa. We've met the German boy from England, puzzled over his Japanese countenance, and rated his scenarios at the depot. We've watched in horror as the Commonwealth debated that weird duck known as the "bren tripod" whatever the hell that is. And we've waited for the Reader's Digest version of Cawley's Explanation of World War Two - take notes, there will be a practical test later.

We know how to push Madmatt's buttons, and how to get banned. We know who is married, when their birthday is, and who is still searching.

We've laughed about ladders, laughed harder at GI Combat and its offspring. Debated Hitler's eating habits and watched the Bouncer get promoted to the exalted position of Staff, then another, then another...

Who controls the forum? No, who really controls the forum? ;) Who would object the most violently to that smiley? Who can turn the world on with a smile? We all know.

So turn out the lights, Bee-Eff-dot-See. We're done like dinner. I can't bear the next 200 "What I think/know/Demand/can prove CMX2 needs/wants/should have/would be neat". More importantly, how long can the watchdogs keep reign? Oh, sure, we weathered Amos and Lewis and Beavis and Username and a flock of forum whackos far more entertaining that unfortunately flocked to these shores long before 4604 showed up with a plaintive request - "fellas, I'm new to CM, but how do I take a screenshot?"

We've met them all; the smart girl in the SS hat, the Irish doctor with all the tactical answers, the boy next door with the blown knee who used to be our Forward Observer (he was Super, wasn't he?), the tournaments, the challenge threads, the tempests in a teapot. The dude with the Y-Wing in his basement. The admiral who kept watch on our creations and listened to us pout about 10 point scales and grading on the curve. The Proving Grounds. About 10,000 others who have been brave enough to cast their voice into the wind. The several hundred who have registered but never said anything. Curious, that.

As V'ger once asked - "Is this all there is"?

Two more years of "can we have a mod forum?" "Can we have convoy movement?" "Can we have the Johnson Light Machine Gun with a cherry on the top?"

Can the Lawn Gnome say with certainty that there is a point in going on? In more than 300 words? Who can forget his Death Sentence contest? His quest for a mortal enemy? His cringing, whining decay and fall from grace as he bestowed the Powers of the Forum to four whom he'd previously condemned - then tried to get it all back?

Dare we continue, Seanachai? Can there be any more?

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Windy bugger, ain't he?

Y'know, Dorosh, I'm seriously concerned that you are going to wear yourself out with interminable posts like this one and not have the strength to cross the finish line. Isn't your goal and purpose in life to put up 20,000 posts before you die? We're all pulling for you, man. You're like Hillary on the last leg of Everest. If you fail, what will be left? Gaylord? I weep, I weep.


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Crikey Tiger, you sure do need a holiday. Take a while, have some R&R...

Then... soon you'll be thinkin' about the... jungle.

You'll be home and all you can think about is the front...

And when your at the front all you can think about is home...

No, that's right, that's Martin Sheen...


:D :eek: :D

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Originally posted by Berlichtingen:

*sniff* that was beautiful, man...

Except for the freakin' part where I got every reference you made :mad: ('cus he don' like dem neither). Thanks loads bub for pointing out that I need to get a life

Ouch. Me too.

I will add my two cents — endless questions about what grass grows beneath our troops' feet.

Where be me setup Berli?

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Are you trying to say that you'll be spending your time in the Technical and General forums from now on?

Bored of the "same old, same old"? It occurred to me after CMAK's release that things are going to be a bit quiet and or boring in most of the forums until the eagerly awaited release of CMX2. Which is how long of a wait? One year? One and a half years? Two years? Oh...sorry. I forgot...When it's ready!

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Originally posted by Berlichtingen:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Axe2121:

Where be me setup Berli?

When has a member of the Mutha Beautiful ever done anything for one of you cheesy waffles

You owe ME a setup.

Bloody canucks, what're they good for. No wonder your considered the official Last Place On Earth by the postal service. </font>

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