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Hi, am asking for help from the "experts" here. I was wondering what the armies used for designating targets when engaging an advancing force. For instance, my TOW sop had us use various firing techniques such as ripple fire. One tactic we used was having the left gun fire at the right vehicle, and right gun tube fire at the left--walking into the center. Of course, we always were trained to prioritize (sp) by targetting AA and HQ assets and then armor, arty, etc, etc.

I realize I may be comparing apples to oranges (modern ((80s)) against the Red Army vs WWII) but there must have been some doctrine used when engaging armor on the attack.

Any thoughts??

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Tanks would fire by sections. In the case of a 5 tank platoon, two 2 tank sections would work the left and right respectively (lets say a 10 tank company was the target). The section vehicles would also alternate fire so there would be no overlap. The platoon HQ vehicle would try to KO the other HQ vehicles.

The method of targeting the outside of a formation helps protect against flanking moves.

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