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Major victory


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well, it may not be much to anyone here, but i actually got major victories in my last 3 games, which means i am actually getting the hang of this. i still have the odd spot of trouble with mortars, but things are looking up, it shouldnt be long before im playing real people. i have decided i dont like enemy AT guns punching holes in my tanks. it makes me sad.

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Glad you're getting into the game. I hope these won games were in fact attacks by your side. Because, honestly, the CM AI sucks while attacking.

As you have been probably told already, the real fun with CM starts when you start to play human opponents. To say that that would transfer CM gameplay to a new level would be a polite understatement... ;)

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Originally posted by Boo Radley:

Whatever you do, don't go into the <small>waffle</small> thread looking for PBEM opponents.

Those guys think Kubelwagon rushes are the height of superior tactics.

KG is quite 'chuffed' about his defeats of the AI.

Why am I not surprised to find you in here, talking to him?

Going to throw an arm around his shoulder and play the 'mentor'? Be sure to warn him about the dastardly AI using more points than you got, oh, Boo...

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And on that note, may I just say that I, for the first time in a very long time, actually played a game against the AI last night? I haven't done so since the earliest days of CMBB. I need to do more, as it is, normally, a good way to learn new equipment and changes.

I set up a Meeting Engagement, me as Brits and the AI as Germans, Italy, July 1943. A Mechanized engagement. I chose terrain and such, but left most things rather more random, and let the Engine choose both of our units. Sadly, I made 'troop quality' random. The AI got 'low', and I got...I don't know. What is it now, 'middle'? I had regulars and vets. He got mostly green and some conscript.

A thousand points (of soon to be burning lights). I've never pummeled the AI that massively. 98-2. The AI maneuvered more horribly than the first games Hiram ever played. It made me weep to see it. I suffered six freaking casualties. After a while, I wasn't even bothering to move units. I just kept hitting 'Go', and watching the horrifying carnage.

You lot could all learn a lesson from the AI.

Next time you face me, play like beheaded chickens. Intellectually, you already are, so there's no good reason why your play shouldn't reflect that.

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seanachai says:

"Next time you face me, play like beheaded chickens. Intellectually, you already are, so there's no good reason why your play shouldn't reflect that."

perhaps that would improve my game. is that one of the orders i can give my troops? "meander hapahazardly and then get shot". i dont remember seeing that near run, or hunt. ill have another look.

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Ah-ha! The" "meander hapahazardly and then get shot"" ploy! Also known as the "Seanachai Gambit"!

There is no hot button for this. Only through years of alchohlic self indulgence and controlled substance abuse combined with an almost patholigical lack of common sense and a Zen like desire to win, can a person master this technique.

Or you could just smack yourself in the head with a coal shovel three or a dozen times until you see stars and planets whizzing around your head like you're in a Warner Bros. cartoon.

Same effect, really.

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