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British Military Training

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Good work, IMO. Can't assess it comparatively, because I have not read anything else about the topic. He does not think much of Monty barging in and throwing it all in confusion on his appointment as commander of the whatever for the invasion.

It certainly reads like a PhD thesis.

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'Tis good, but you do have to be interested in that area, otherwise you will have found the cure for insomnia ;) I think it was an expansion of his thesis, not just the thesis in a pretty(?) cover. Sort of like how Doubler expanded his thing on the bocage into a full book.



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Thanks all. The Calgary Highlanders (my regiment) pioneered Battle Drill for the Canadian Army; they visited the 47th (London - Bells and Bows) Division and borrowed their training methods, then ran their own courses and wrote their own manual. The rest of the Canadian Army followed suit. I'm under the understanding that Battle Drill wasn't popular in the British Army, and Monty especially was critical of it. Battle Drill - and Battle Drill Training, which was something different - really only taught fundamentals to section and platoon sized groups at a time when companies were supposed to be training in the different phases of war - the offense, the obstacle crossing, the relief in place, withdrawal under fire, etc.

So I guess I do have an interest in the subject. I see Battle Drill features prominently in the table of contents. Little has been written about training (though I've seen some of the period manuals which outline how basic courses were to be structured - these are of little help).

If anyone wants to sell their copy used.... ;)

I'll probably place an order with Amazon if that is not the case. Thanks for the recommendation.

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