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**MODS POSTED** Its been a long time coming.


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Here you go.

Here is my latest bone for you.


I have finished the M15 at the front and am just starting the M3A1 behind it.

I think i have 2 more halftracks to do for the full set including the brit stuff as well.

But i need a favour off a few people.

What with swapping bmps and getting into a right 2 and 8 with this mod,I need a couple of people to help me out.

All this would entail is for them to find all the halftracks in the game and then load in my mod to see if i have missed any.AS i bet i have managed to miss at least one.

So if you are up for helping leave a message here and an email addy.You will need a fair size email box as well.

And BTW junk i have allready contacted you smile.gif

[ March 17, 2005, 02:50 PM: Message edited by: gautrek ]

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I did a snowy version of all the allied HTs in two packs up at CMMODS. Can't remember doing the 37mm equipped one but certainly Quad, 2xmortar and 75. There were quite a few to do...

Did you see gyrenes hosted HT pic that could serve as a useful reference for kit etc Here

Can't wait for your dirty version

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Originally posted by Wicky:

Did you see gyrenes hosted HT pic that could serve as a useful reference for kit etc Here

No i hadn't seen it.

I missed that last night while i was browsing.

But is this what you had in mind.


And yes i have emailed the relavent people about using the image.

So i may or may not be able to release this depending on the resuilt.

I have also tried to make it look like they have smeared mud over the star to tone it down a bit.

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Originally posted by Renaud:


You are more than welcome to use any and all of my photo's posted in Gyrene's Iwo Jima section. They should probably be considered public domain now. But that may be up to Gyrene.


Cheers for that.

I have been looking around for decent piccys of kit like that to hang of my mods.

As i can't actualy draw much in PSP to save my life.So photos and such like are a life saver for me.

Thanks again . smile.gif

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One more vehicle to do then thats the full set done.

They just need a final check and then they are ready.

I will hopfully have them ready for the end of the week

But just to keep people happy i have uploaded a small mod i did weeks ago.


Its a captured aussie L3/33 tankette.

I had forgotten i had done this.

I bet this mod is never even seen in game by most people.

I have also nearly done the other 2 vehicles that make up the captured set for the aussies.

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Just checked...the new mod is in the folder. Hmmm, must be my computer I guess.

Regardless--looks great!

Any chance of doing something to those old Italian L5's (Fiat Ansaldo 3000s)? These WW1 tanks don't get much play, but they look dull, dull dull. Even some dirt would be welcome. :D

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Originally posted by tooz:

Gautrek, I just copied these bmps (captured L3/33)to my bmp folder--but it didn't overwrite anything? That's odd--isn't it? Anyone else have this happen?

I seem to recall that the last patch was corrupted or some thing.And it didn't install all the Aussie bmp's correctly.So maybe you didn't have the updated patch.
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Right here we go.

I have finaly released the first set in the yank halftrack series.


In this set you get the plain half tracks.

IE the M2,M3 and M3A1.

The M3A1 comes with optional kit as per the previous image.

All the mods also come with a corrected side bmp kindly done by Marcus.

This moves the rollers into the correct postion to match up with the tracks in game.

I will release the rest of the halftracks over the next few days.

I have also done a CMBB version of my mods.

this will also be released over the next few days.

Don't use these mods in CMBB as the bmps are slightly differant.

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