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Command to use for vehicles when u want them to backup in face of superior firepower

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no it isn't. The shoot and scoot order is kinda dangerous, caus it's not easy to determine the top of the slope you want to fire from. There is a command that allows you to let the vehicle the minute it's weapon can be fired on enemy, and it also retires when it believes it can't win a gun battle

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I don't remember, but I do remember that there is a movement command that gives ur AFV/TD a mindset that he remembers when he reaches his destination. I used the command for putting my vehicles on slopes; if a after a few turns some big tanks showed up, it would back down the slope to conceil itself. I could do a trial and error of course, the irony is that i remember finding this tactic somewhere on the forum but i can't find the post

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Sounds more like TacAI to me, too...the only option I can think of is "E" (Move to Contact), which seems to make things like ACs hyper-alert and give them the tendency to quickly poop smoke and reverse...but that could also simply be TacAI.

Maybe giving them a long-ranged Move to Contact or Hunt command, followed by a reverse command is what you're thinking of...could it be they remember the Reverse order, even if they haven't hit the end of the first order?

I know Move to Contact and Hide is a recommended combination for infantry, if you want them to hit the dirt as soon as they encounter trouble.

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