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N00b Question -How ro turn on Rarity?

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Standard gives the historical rarity, variable takes that as a base and adds in a smallish random factor, to provide a bit of variation - "ooh, those Sturmtigers are only +400% this game, think I'll buy a dozen" etc. And as far as I can remember there isn't any rarity in the scenario editor, the points values are "straight". As they said in American Werewolf in London; "stick to the QB's lad!". It could have been roads, now I think about it.

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I probably shouldnt continue my line of questions... smile.gif

But what the heck.....

What is QB?

And in other words scenario editor have no way of reflecting rarity in cost?

I'd love to see a sturmtiger.

then I'd know my enemy has used all his points on that one, and is a loss he will feel ones my pioneers are done with him.

Ever the optimist :D

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QB's are probably Quick Battles which normally suck.

The point is that we are creating Multiplayer operations and have these questions about rarity settings in them.

Are you saying that rarity is "flat" when you create operations? So if I choose a 200% armor then it will not calculate the correct prices?

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As indicated above, rarity costs only affect Quick Battles (QBs).

Scenarios don't calculate rarity costs into point totals. If you buy a 100 pt tank that has 50% rarity, it will still cost 100 points in the scenario editor (this tracking of costs really only matters to help the designer track size and balance). But the editor does SHOW the rarity factor of such things as armor, air support and artillery (IIRC), as a guideline for designers. So if you see one model of Stug III has a negative rarity cost while another has a 40% cost, the designer will know that the former is common at that time, while the latter is rare.

Variable rarity is fun because it makes some thing UN-rare at certain times that might otherwise never get used. Variable rarity seems to have more impact in CMBB than CMAK. No rarity at all in CMBO. No Sturmtigers in CMAK, I think, btw. Just in CMBB.

I am spelling this all out since there seem to be some noobies here. You may also want to check the FAQ thread at the top of the CMBB page. Hope this is helpful. ;)

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