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Why is the pdf manual formatted so you can't print it?

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I can understand why the manual is included as a pdf instead of a book. But I simply cannot understand why it is formatted so that I have to pay more for the ink that goes into printing it than I'd have to pay for getting the manual with the game.

When getting a pdf manual I expect to be able to print it. Reading a 213 page manual online is extremely impractical and isn't going to happen.

And don't tell me it's because you want to protect against copying - who in his right mind would want to have the manual without having the game? And even if you did get hold of the manual without the game - wouldn't it help sales and in fact be a good thing? You can't play the game having only the manual.

:mad: This is so stupid :mad:

I guess there's not much that can be done now.

But PLEASE don't do this again :mad:

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I agree, the manual should not have had that border that takes forever to print.

Better use of pictures explaining the game to begginners could have been taken advantage of as well.

All I can say is thank the boss for the use of his printer. But I chose not to use the colour though. I would hate to have to print it out at work.

A print friendly version should be posted on this forum for those who do not have access to a work printer.

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I also think that CMBB had a better pdf manual. In it each manual page was a pdf-page of its own. In CMAK there are two manual pages on a pdf page, and to read it you either have to zoom out a lot or then manually scroll around the screen. This is rather irritating, I wish they had done it the way they did it for CMBB (except for leaving out those awful background drawings which only slow down the browsing).

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I bought mine from BF, though the package came from Ireland (saving me some import taxes smile.gif )

Mine is 6.087.154 bytes (in the Properties Tab, I'm using Windows) and is called CMAK Game Manual.pdf

I don't mind emailing a copy to you, though it's over 4Mb zipped (I have ADSL), if you want it, unless the powers that watch over this forum would rather I didn't (please tell me if that is so).

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That's funny! Mine is 19,3 MB in size! I guess must be one of those reasons why CDV ships the game on two cd's while BFC ships it on one cd... Well, thanks for offer, but I guess I don't need it as much doesn't seem to have changed since CMBB. Even the reference to units in no-man's land being padlocked in assault and static operations, which was in CMBB manual but proved to be false... smile.gif

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