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The do-dads are those rock pieces which stick up in the picture (much like grave stones, brush, etc.). Now that I 've told you what you already know... You can probably find some fine grey and tan ones that Vossie did (I think). But some new snow ones are definately in order. But there is nothing to match your greenish/greyish rough terrain. I can give you the bmp #'s if you wish.


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Have you done the do-dads for this rough terrain mod yet? I really like the look of the mod, but the do-dads look goofy not matching your modified art.

Also, just an administrative note here about your upload at ccmods.com . . . it looks as if you have several different variations of the same art. There is also an extra file included for only one variation (I think it is the five-digit file) — I was left wondering why this file had only the one version. I feel that it would be more clear if you were to include a short README file that explains the differences, and why that five-digit file is all by its lonesome.

OK, that's it for the moment. I think that the screen shots of this mod are beautiful, which is why I'm writing. I don't normally go chasing after every grass mod that comes out, but I thought that these mods make the game look so much better than how it appears in its un-modded state, I had to install them. Thanks a lot . . .


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I just installed this mod and took a look at it in the On the Road to Niscemi scenario.

Between Pat's new red tile roofs and the rough terrain I'm in heaven ! And really wanting to book a flight to the Mediterranean.

I do hope you put out a set of doodads in shades that match the ones of your mods. And I'll be doubly impressed if you do, because who ever remembers what slider settings they used.

It probably doesn't matter because I simply tried the different versions until I found one that I liked, and I suspect that this was the intent behind the mod. But it would be nice to have a readme file explaining what each texture is supposed to represent. Actually, they don't represent anything, they're just different shades of different colors, and depending on what else and how much of it is getting used in the landscape, different arrangements will look better or worse.

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