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Captured 76mm guns


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The 76.2mm gun available to the Germans as 'captured' is the Russian 76.2 AT gun captured on the Eastern Front (most likely the Model 1939 and possibly the Model 1942 later). Large numbers of these were pressed into service on both the Russian Front and the Western Desert (being first available in CMAK January '42). I'm not sure how many of them served in Sicily/Italy, but they could have been there too.

The 76.2mm gun available to the Allies (basically the Americans) is one of American manufacture (available in CMAK by November '44) and I believe it was originally designed as an AAA piece, but I could be confused about that.

It's assumed that not a whole lot of the 76.2mm guns captured from the Germans were pressed into Allied service (at least for any length of time), thus they aren't available as 'captured weapons' in CMAK. I don't know if the Germans ever captured any numbers of the 76.2mm American AT gun, so it's assumed that there weren't enough numbers/logistics to field such pieces in CMAK.

I don't have any sources to quote on any of these assumptions.

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Yes - the Russian M1936 field gun was captured in huge numbers by the Germans in 1941 & 42.

It was a very long piece - 51 calibres, and they were rebored to take PAK 40 ammo.

These guns were also mounted on early Marders in some numbers.

The Russians themselves stopped producing it as the long barrel was expensive to make. Instead they went to cheaper 40 calibre models such as the ZIS-2 and M1943 field guns.

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