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Terrible performance with GF4 Ti-4800

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I just changed my system from PIII600 with TNT2 to AMD 2000+ With GeForce4 Ti-4800 and 512MB Ram. The old system was running CMBB at wery playable speeds, but with the new one I get about 5fps, wich is totally unplayable. Anyone have any idea why this might be so, I'm really afraid my career as a CM player is over.

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Which drivers are you using with your new card?

I have seen similar slowdowns when I have tested some of the latest beta drivers for the GeForce Cards.

I have made Nvidia aware of this issue.

You should be okay with the 41.09 series drivers (be sure to turn off FSAA with those drivers though) but you want to be sure that you deleted all the remnants of the old drivers BEFORE you install those. Leftover parts of old drivers can and will cause issues.

You also might want to reinstall/upgrade to DirectX 9 which you can get from here:



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Ok, I've got a similar setup and don't have the speed issues at all. Check the drivers, as madmatt says I'd use 41.09 for now. The 30.xx drivers unfortunately do not support the 4800's. email me and we'll discuss this further. I want to get to the bottom of it too, and it's good to know there's someone else in my boat, so to speak smile.gif

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