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Minefields and FM 20-32

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I've been trying to do a little research on what the US Army used for minefield markers during WWII, but without much success. It was suggested that what I needed to take a look at was the text (and/or illustrations) of FM 20-32, which covers minefield warfare. There have been many editions of this manual, but the one I need to take a look at (assuming that it has what I want) is one from WWII, which I think came out in 1941. So far I've only been able to track down someone who had one from the Korean War. I seem to recall that someone once provided a link to a site that had the text of a lot of the Field Manuals, but can't remember what the subject was.

And I realize that what is in the manual may not really be what I want. I've done a little interviewing, and so far I've come across vivid recollections of mines, but no recollection of how they were marked. It may even be possible that there was no standard way of marking them, other than word of mouth.

So any help from anyone here on this will be appreciated. And yes, it will eventually, in theory, end up as a minefield marker mod.

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