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TCP/IP and Firewall

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Hi All -

I just upgraded to DSL, SBC/Yahoo, and am looking forward to some online combat! But, before I start, I want to make sure my opponents will be able to get through my firewall. I am using the free edition of ZoneAlarm that is included with SBC DSL, and running WindowsXP. The ZoneAlarm helpfile (and posts in this forum's archive) seem to say that all I need to do is give CMBB permission to access the internet, and all will be well...

I assume "Barbarossa to Berlin.exe" is the correct file to enable? Does it need both Access and Server permission? And don't I need to inform the firewall of my opponent's IP, or anything?

Thanks for any advice...I could muddle through myself but since another sentient being (my opponent) would be suffering through the frustrations of any errors I'd like to sort this out before inviting a game.

I'd also appreciate general comments on minimizing any security risks or other headaches associated with TCP/IP play, and on whether the free edition of ZoneAlarm is an adequate firewall for my always-connected home PC. Such comments might be off-topic for this forum so please email me directly at sfjaykey48@yahoo.com

Thanks! Matt

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You can run ZA and keep CM going. You need to give it access and server rights.

To host a game, you need to put your opponent's IP into the trusted zone. To join a game, all that is required is giving the program permissions.

ZA is a very nice program, I use it myself when necessary.


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