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AI tries to win Victoria Cross...

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I was playing a QB tonight when I saw possibly the bravest ( or most foolhardy - it depends on how you look at it ) that I've ever seen in a CM game.

I'd set up an Allied attack scenario with me defending. The setting was North Africa - May 1941. I gave myself one 88 ( as these were in short supply at the time ) & one mechanized ifantry platoon. The British had 6 Matildas supported by 3 Motor Rifle platoons. The 88 crew disposed of all 6 tanks ( but not without losing 3 crew members to small arms fire ).

Anyway, towards the end of the game, the Britsh platoon HQ unit attempted a suicidal assault on the gun from about 50m out. Needless to say, they were cut to pieces by my MG 34 unit before they reached the Flak 88's position.

If CMAK had a decoration system, I'm certain these guys would have been awarded the VC.

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