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Still new weirdness after all these years

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For real entertainment, what about this amusing ( :mad: ) occurence...


There are actually two wierdnesses in this shot, but the second one is reasonably well known by now.

(The Pink Panther is a joke mod, unrelated to this topic, though others who've seen this have suggested that it's blushing!)

My explanation of this is that the Panther is too close: it's gun is too long.

But if they went to all the trouble to simulate that, then how come AFVs allowed to area fire within 1-2m of themselves!?


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No, it's GreenAsJade's High Contrast Snow.

The Panther got that close using a technique I'd just read about for "how to defeat a Sherm with a Panther after forces have engaged".

It was this:

It was this: to kill a Sherm with a Panther,

- have the Panther in cover

- point the Panther at a spot just next to the Sherm

- distract the Sherm with tasty bait

- Set a covered arc on the panther at 90 to the line from the panther to the Sherm, so that when the Panther

arrives next to the Sherm the gun will be pointing at the


- Drive the Panther fast up next to the Sherm.

The Sherm's turret can't turn as fast as the Panther can close, so the Panther will arrive pointing its gun at the Sherm who is still facing forwards.

It worked beautifully, as you can see. That would have been a dead Sherm ... except the person forgot to mention "don't get *too* close"!!!

(Not to mention the flamethrower who popped up inside the building, but hey smile.gif The Sherm in the foreground of the shot is already dead, the smoke from it provided good cover for the Panther rush )

[ October 22, 2006, 03:39 PM: Message edited by: GreenAsJade ]

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Originally posted by Sgt_Kelly:

How is this Tiger hull down ???


It's the terrain in front of the shooter, not the terrain in front of the target.

The Tiger is slightly lower and hence the edge of the plateau that the Sherman is standing on only allow the Sherman to hit the upper part of the Tiger.

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Anyway, back to the subject of the topic, Sgt_Kelly, 'hull down' refers to the shooting tank, not the tiger. So in this case the tiger can only 'see' the upper hull and turret of the sherman: its the sherman that's hull down not the tiger (unless I'm missing your pt??)

Its still problematic because from the position of the tiger, it would seem that the angle is working to negate the slope of the sherman, reducing the amount of iron the tiger's shot would have to penetrate. The sherman might be hull down, but its even more vulnerable than it would normally be.

This is the Tiger Valley scenario? Lots of fun in that one.

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Actually the pic shown clearly shows that the Tiger is considered hull down to the Sherman. Not the other way around. When you aim at something, the info for the thing you are targeting will pop up over the thing you are targeting.

If you are hull down then "hull down" will pop up over your own tank.

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I don't remember if the Sherman was termed hull down but the outcrop is most definitely not in front of the Sherman doing the targeting here.

The targeting line runs from the bottom of the Sherman up to the upper hull of the Tiger and it's a completely clear LOS, straight as an arrow (if it went over the outcrop you would see it curve over it), so how could it possibly be hull down ?

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