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help on designing maps

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I've grown fond of playing 'taylor made' maps instead of AI generated ones for my QBs

I've modified and adapted some from scenarios, through the editor tool, but I can't use the operation ones : I can load and cut/modify them (for examples the maps from Leros or Castleforte operations are beautiful) but I can't then load them for a simple QB. In fact, they remain .cmh files, while they would need to be .cmb to be loadable in QB (renaming them doesn't work either)

My question : how can I transform an operation map into a QB map?

thanks for your help

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A helpful hint in that regard was recently posted. Open your operation map grid in the map editor and take a screenshot. Then build a new map following that screenshot for each height number and terrain element down each column. Like painting-by-numbers.

Otherwise it'd be a real pain to reproduce. I wish someone would've told ME that idea two years ago!!! :mad: :mad: :D

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