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Are these vehicles in CMAK ?


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After seeing the (great) unit av. chart I have questions regarding a few units:

Italian tanks in Allied use - I believe Aussies used to have around 30 M11/40s at one point. These had a kangaroo painted on the side. Are/will these be icluded in CMAK ??

P26/40 - the Italian heavy tank with 75mm gun. I doubt any made it into Italian service, but there are lots of photos of these in German service. I read that many were used in southern Slovenia for anti-partisan duties.

Semoventes - Germans took over production lines from italians and continued to make more of these adter 9/43. Including a variant with 75mm PaK (Semovente 75/46)

Also, are any RSI units included ?

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I just did a quick scan and couldn't find your vehicles in the game. The only semovente I found was the M41 75/18 (as in the old Tamiya model). Maybe I just looked under the wrong dates.

The number of captured vehicles in the game is rather limited, probably due to lack of disk space (the have a LOT of other vehiles in the game!). The Germans use a captured Valentine in Africa and in Italy use the late production Italian M15/42 tank (which surprisingly enough even the Italians don't get in the game!). I checked and the Australian don't seem to have the Italian M11/40 though you are correct, they supposedly took delivery of up to 50 in April 41 in time for the Tobruk fighting. Maybe that obscure fact snuck in under their radar.

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M15/42 and P26/40 apparently were too late to see any service in Italian army. But I have photo of M15/42 in ruins of Budapest (!), standing next to a Matilda (!!!). It seems that they were issued to SS units.

I think M11/40 can be easily added to Aus TOE in a patch - BTS please fix or somefink !

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I would like to see the M11/40s in the game - should not be to hard for Battlefront to do. However, it was rather rarer than 30, I think well under 15 in the Squadron if I remember rightly. They ran on diesel fuel so were abandoned after about two months - the allies had petrol.

The British at this time just did not have the tanks to supply to the Aussies and they were keen to gain experience on any tank.

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