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Trouble Re-installing CM

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A virus came in under my radar on Sunday night and nuked my hard-drive to oblivion. I've spent the last three days rebuilding my system and software from scratch (and updated my anti-virus software - too late!) but I'm having no luck in re-installing CM.

I'm installing from the same CD as I did originally, on the same machine (post-virus, but now clean and safe) - the only difference is that I'm now using a slightly older version of Win 98. It *seems* to install okay, but when I go to fire CM up I get an error entitled 'Unhandled Exception' which reads "Unhandled exception: C0000005 At address: 005623d0". When I click Okay I then get a Fatal Error message and I return to the desktop.

I've now reloaded it and unloaded it five times and get the same message every time. I realise this is penance for not keeping my anti-virus software updated, but I think I've suffered enough. It's bad enough that hours and hours of downloaded MODS were lost forever in the firestorm, but not being able to play CM at all is killing me. And I'm on holiday as well! Please help!!

<breaks down weeping>

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