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Which CM looks the best?

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The short answer is CMBO is the ugliest.

Out-of-the-box CMBO (which is what you have) bears very little resemblance to CMAK and CMBB.

CMBO in its original state was unbearably ugly. CMBB and CMAK came out with graphics that were about two point something generations of CMBO mods.

If you really work at it you can mod CMBO up to about third generation. Because CMAK and CMBB start at about second generation they can be modded to about fifth or higher, effectively off the scale in CMBO terms.

CMAK and CMBB share a lot of common mods, but the difference in appearance has more to do with Eastern Europe versus North Africa/Mediterranean/Western Europe. It really comes down to whether you get turned on by hearing your soldiers shouting in Russian, Romanian, and Finnish as opposed English and French.

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Skunkle---Also remember there is a great CMAK mod called CMETO and loads of scenarios which will enable you to also play NW Europe battles (Normandy. Bulge etc etc )using all the advantages and advances which CMAK possesses .I would really recommend that to you to investigate.

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