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I need some feed back from H2H play on "A Hostile Debouchment" as it is a very large tank battle and I'm sure needs some tweaks.

I just updated the scenario to version 1.4 so if you do test it, please make sure you have this version.

The scenario can be found here.

C'mon you Head to Head guys out there...if you like battles with over 100 tanks and enough space to fight with them...then this is for you and an opponent!

"A brief, howling sandstorm swept across the Tunisian plain early Sunday morning, February 14...Soldiers in black tunics tramped down highway 13 carrying lanterns to guide more than a hundred tanks-a dozen Tigers among them...through the western mouth of Faid Pass.

As dawn spread behind him, the commander of Operation FRUHLINGSWIND climbed a rocky parapet above the squalid hamlet of Faid, General Heinz Ziegler liked what he saw: nothing. The Americans did not appear aroused, nor even alert. At precisely 6:30 A.M. the drivers shifted into gear and panzers spilled from the Eastern Dorsal onto the plain...They came down like the wolf on the fold..." --An Army at Dawn


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I've played it as Allies and couldn't find anything wrong with it apart from the deal with both side's reinforcements entering in the same corner of the map.

There's nothing wrong with it as such and I realize it's probably a historical aspect of this battle. But it can easily play out in a rather slapstick fashion.

The terrain immediately surrounding the entry point invites the Allied player to set up an ambush as he knows he is being chased. I did this and slaughtered the first batch of German tanks as they raced towards the action. The next batch was so large however, that they ended up surrounding my tanks and I got slaughtered in turn. I found this a bit weak as it is a direct consequence of how CM works with reinforcements appearing out of nowhere. I would eliminate the bumps you've got there to encourage the Allied player to race his tanks into the town before 'ze Germans' get there.

Other than that, very good game. Excellent map and good balance, probably more challenging for the Axis player.

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