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CMAK 1.03 patch

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Hi all.

Can anyone help me get CMAK 1.03 to work? I'm trying to start a PBEM game with a friend but 1.01 (which runs without the disc) says he's using a different version (1.03). I try to install 1.03 and it won't let me play without the disc. When I put the disc in it says in the bottom right corner of the main menu screen that it's v1.03 but still says my friend is using a different version. Does anyone know how to install it so it'll work properly?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Here are some problems you may be having that I can think of at the moment.

If you had CMAK v1.01 and installed v1.03 you still need the CD in the tray to play.

He may have v1.01 and didnt download and install v1.03 in the CMAK folder.

He might also be using another puter and didnt download and intall v1.03 again.

Its also possible he accidentally put CMBB or CMBO in the CD tray and not CMAK, that will also give the message "opponent is using a different version".

Hope this helps.


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