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HMGs and Poor Visibility

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Good post on what's needed in the new game engine to accomplish more HMG realism. You pretty much covered everything that would/could make it work.


I never meant to imply that HMGs denied vast areas of ground by firing off tons of ammo all night long.

However, human nature being what it is, coupled with terrain, obstacles, etc., there were some obvious "choke points" (not sure if that't the right term) created for human travel. These "choke points" could be road, trail and path intersections. It could be an area leading from a spot where the enemy might form up for an attack. They could be a river crossing or defile on the way to Monte Cassino. They could be as simple as gate/opening in a fence line or hedgerow in Normandy. These are some of places I had in mind for a HMG TRP. What I read about in these WW2 books was the suppressive effect of HMGs when used in area fire in some of the above examples.

Thanks to All for your input,


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Originally posted by gibsonm:

...it seemed some people thought that an individual weapon could deny large areas (football fields, say).

But not I. smile.gif What I had more in mind was making enemy infantry disinclined to try to cross a forest trail, a city street, or other discrete bit of open terrain. You can't count on hitting every man who tries to cross, but you can make it a hell of a lot more risky. Whether or not you inflict any causalties, you almost certainly will slow down any attempted advance over that particular piece of ground, and gaining time to redeploy your reserves may be the name of the game.


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