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As mods are flooding my harddrive, I silently wait for the rest of ASL GUI

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Yes. That´s pretty much it. Any gun racks coming?

And in this next section:

while doing my little part to shape CMMOS up for CMAK, I started thinking about these 'CMBO revisited' battles that are beginning to pop up here and there. I got this dreamy eyes and saw big chunks of CMMOS mods, like "Normandy terrain", "Normandy buildings"...

So, maybe in the future, we could see some revamped CMBO buildings and other appropriate stuff from Tanks a lot and all the others that are doing a fantastic job with this game (please)?



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mmm....you rang?

The GUI is fairly complete but I still have some of the vehicle portraits to bash through. I was waiting for the next patch to be released just to see what other changes are made and haven't had a lot of time to fiddle.

I'm also not satisfied with the terrain mods, but I suspect that will be of much less interest to anyone than the GUI itself. I'll take a look at the strictly interface stuff and see if can't upload that portion to cmmods soon.

Thanks for the interest.

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To Michael Dorosh:

good to hear! I just love that GUI.


Yes, I ´ve actually been fiddling some too with the existing CMBO mods and will be renumbering buildings and so for CMAK, but I really meant more like a "fresh" update, which means actually, from my part, new mods!..he he

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