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Does the desert *really* suck, or is it just me...

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I don't like the desert. It bothers me.

Maybe it's because I've trained at the NTC in Ft. Irwin, and served in GW1. Desert ops suck. Really.

Every time I play a desert battle (Ops?, no way, pal!) I get waxed. Doesn't matter what side I play (well, defense isn't so bad). Maybe it's just a psychological thing from my previous experience?

So, is there a quick "do's and don't's" checklist for CM desert warfare, or am I just a non-desert fighting be-atch?

Get me in the ETO, and I'm just fine. Get me in the desert, and I suck big hairy donkey testicles.

Anyone else feel the same way? I need a shoulder to cry on.



Note: this opinion was formed a while ago, but severely reinforced after playing the scenario: "A Series of Misfortunes" - can you blame me?

[ August 12, 2004, 11:25 PM: Message edited by: leakyD ]

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I have to say I LOVE the desert battles. Without these desert battles I feel sometimes I am playing CMBOX2! :D

There are a horde of really good desert battles and ops awaiting at the Scenario Depot and Proving Grounds. Check them out.

However, to be honest, I find myself drifting back to CMBB more and more lately.

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Hey, I just can't get rid of the donkey, we got history, y'know?


That's the best laugh I had all week.

Well, except for this: This Land....

Yeah, yeah, I gotta practice this desert schtuff more. I just needed to whine a little.

Seriously, has anyone WON as Germans in "A Series of Misfortunes"?

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I've spent alot of time in the desert, (Iraq, Gulf WAr 1)and I have to agree it sucks. I would also agree that you need to spend alot of time at Level 1 view so's to find all those little hummocks and dips in the ground to use as cover/ hull-down positions. The dips can be good for guns/ MGs too.

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Usually ended up playing Richtofen's War or Luftwaffe instead of TOBRUK with my Dad because he found the map so ugly.

Originally posted by Panzer76:

Its a hate or love thing with the desert. I generally dont like it, but small battles (1000 pts) with heavy trees and med hills can be fun.

The "problem" is the lack of features in the desert, its just plain boring.

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I've found if you're attacking infantry in open desert (there's lots of N.A. desert types in CMAK) you really have to supress the crap out of the opposition first. I get the urge to change 35 turn scenarios into 45 turn scenarios just so I can spend the first 10 turns hammering enemy positions before sending my infantry 'over the top'.

...That is, assuming you've got something handy to hammer with (mortar F.O.s, heavy mgs, Grants, etc.). Just infantry without support weapons - then the desert really sucks.

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I don't like North Africa. I don't like Arabs (apparently the soldiers in WWII felt the same way). I judge places and cultures by their food, drink, scenery, trees, and relaxation. North Africa (then and particularly now) is a huge loser on all counts.

Also, I like to mix playing CM with reading history and traveling to WWII spots on vacation. Who the hell wants to go to Morroco or Libya for good drinks, stylish living, food, or beautiful forest trails? Give me France, Belgium, Germany or Italy any day...

So I'm playing games in Italy with CMAK while I wait for BTS to make the Western Front game that will be really cool. Glad to know I'm not the only one who finds North Africa unappealing. Let the Monty Boyz in short pants enjoy pushing Krauts across the sand through places I can't pronounce. Who gives a damn?

What is it with Brits and sand countries anyway? Ain't Brighton beach bright enough?

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Originally posted by leakyD:

[QB] Hey, I just can't get rid of the donkey, we got history, y'know?

No no no.. The cat.. The cat was freaking hilarious

"Are you Shrek?"

- Insert - cat licking himself looks up with leg still cocked up in the air

"For you Lady, I could be"

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Yes. The chance to play as Brits and Yanks with the proper battery sizes for arty (even if it's too pricey), more allied armour, halfway decent allied ATGs, not to mention the improved AI etc.

Then there's Tunisia. Anyone who says that the desert is flat, boring and featureless has never so much as seen a picture of Tunisia. This is exacerbated to an extent by some scenario designers letting their preconceptions draw the map rather than basing on the terrain that was actually there. It was not without cause that Tunisia was referred to as "a country of defiles"

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I love desert scenarios. There's a number of great ones, both on the CD and also at SD, etc.

And as noted, North Africa desert terrain can run the gamut from wide open and almost no cover to quite a lot of relief and cover.

Desert QBs are another matter. Especially the more open desert maps in don't really make very good QBs. I actually found this true of the really open steppes maps in CMBB as well, though these weren't quite as bad as Steppe terrain did provide some degree of concealment and cover (unlike sand, which provides basically nothing).

Actually, in general I find QBs in CMAK unappealing due to certain (mostly Allied) purchasing problems. I've already harped on about this issue ad nauseam, though, so I won't hijack this thread by bringing this stuff up again.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you want to enjoy the desert, play well-crafted scenarios. It is much more important on open, coverless maps to have a designer tailor the setup zones, available artillery, etc. to make an interesting and more or less balanced fight.



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Love the desert :cool: And most QB's there are good too, particularly with all the little folds and surface variations that seem to be generated. Using the longer engagement distances the game seems to work at its best as well, really very good.

If you are interested in a suggestion, try a 1000 point motorised meeting engagement QB on a large map. Try also farmland, moderate trees, small or modest hills. Then call me for a PBEM game smile.gif

Psssst... Use one of the grid mods available, Caffino's is excellent (thanks Caffino) makes a hell of a difference, adjusting your monitor screen settings may help as well.

[ August 08, 2004, 08:58 PM: Message edited by: sand digger ]

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