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***25 pdr mods for N.A. and Italy v1.02 (or v1.03) Patch!***


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Displaying my confidence in v1.02.

25 pounder mods for both Italy and North Africa, numbered for the v1.02 patch:

- N.A. 25 pdr in plain tan (includes alt. default camou scheme)

- Italy 25 pdr in black 'Mickey Mouse' camou scheme (mostly my old pre-patch mod renumbered).

at our favorite site of course:


The patch has given Italian Theater 25 pdrs their own texture set. There's nothing wrong with the default art in my opinion, but they say variety is the spice of life so here are some alternate camou schemes.

The 'Mickey Mouse' Black & Green 25 pdr is pretty much my old mod renumbered for the patch. The N.A. tan 25 pdr is for those who want to revert back from my previous 'universal' green mod. These textures have been punched-up a bit, plus you've got the option a gun shield with or without the default camou pattern.

Here's the cmmods.com screenshot:

25 pdrs for v1.02

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Talk about a blast from the past!

It's been ages since I removed the muzzle break of the NA 25pdrs because the muzzle break was only used in Tunisia (and thereafter) and there not too often. AFAIK they were only allocated to areas where heavy tank units were expected to be engaged as the muzzlebreak allowed them to supercharge the AP round.

Anyway, I've been looking to share this with the rest of the community but with me not being an artist of any merit whatsover I can't seem to improve the end of the muzzle for love nor money. The shading near the bottom of the barrel always trips me up when trying to add muzzle blackening to it. It never looks right.

Mikey, would you be kind enough to see what you could do, and perhaps add it to your existing mod?


Here is the plain version I'm using. IMHO it looks better without that ungainly muzzlebreak. I had to leave the 'rim' at the end on because without it the 25pdr looks noticably too short.

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