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Ok, now the dumbest question ever about 2 plyrs

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I ask this question for benefit of my brother, he isn't much into competing against people, especially me. He like to play "with" me in games. The both of us against AI or another person/people. But preferably he likes us to play types of games where we help each other.

While this is very noble and nice thing about my brother, it has forced me to ask the dumbest question ever about player modes....

Is it possible to create a cooperative mode?

I am not a code writer and usually when I ask questions like this they bring howls of laughter. I know it is not possible in the current menu. But is there a way that it could be manipulated in editor mode it just isn't hitting me? Where we both have control of groups of units on the same side?

And if not, why has BFC not thought of this? Or I am just late on this topic and it has been discussed ad nauseum

I apologize in advance. This question is just ignorant......awful.

But I have to ask it for my brother's sake. I bought the game for him 3 weeks ago and I think he has played it for maybe 5 minutes. I know he would really get into this game if he could have human interaction that was against AI and he would love the modding part. We are both artists (he is the sculpture guy) and it would kind of be like when we were young staying up late painting D&D figure or star fleet battle miniatures, only now it would be tanks on a PC.

There has to be a way to do it if BFC wanted to, but as I said, code and such. I know it could be done, but how much effort would it take? Is it just too much trouble?

I mean, when I think of it I love fighting real opponents and not much playing AI, but it would be fun to coordinate an attack against AI on some hard settings while chatting on the phone or via team speak ect.

Not asking for there to be all fancy, just a cooperative mode with no frills.

I mean, if it is even possible. But code is code. Heck I don't even know if code is the problem.

I am going to go work on things that I know about now.

I know it sounds silly, but in some cases it would be pretty fun for fathers and sons ect.

You go

He goes

AI goes


have fun responding. :rolleyes:

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You basically just assign a certain portion of your forces to your brother, and then exchange files to allow each player a chance to plot his moves.

For instance, in a combined arms QB against the AI, you can have your brother take responsibility for the infantry while you control the armor. The actual sequence is as follows (assuming you choose your own forces in the game):

1)After agreeing on parameters you start the game

2)Choose only the armor

3)save file, send to your brother

4)he chooses infantry, saves file, sends back

5)you do your setup, save, send

6)He repeats

7)you hit Go, plot first turn, save, send

8)He repeats

9)you hit Go, watch first movie, save, send

10)He repeats

11)new plot phase, repeat steps 7-8

12) new movie phase, repeat steps 9-10, and so on...

For variety you can get creative with your assignments, such as you control all on-board forces, he comes to the rescue with reinforcements. Or you take the SS Mechanized forces, he has the Fallschirmjagers. Or you take the village, he attacks the ridge. The list goes on.

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so basically I could create a group of tanks and infatry transport ect. and then another battle group say on another part of the front

I make my units of ALL types move. I save the game. Send him the save game file. and he makes all his forces move and watches AI move and movie.

Send back and repeat?

That's pretty nifty.

Is it easy to get confused? I mean if we clearly had his tanks and men to the south of me and mine to the north, and we advanced, we could have 2 forces controlled by 2 players?

Or maybe we play a really small battle and I say ok you are the tiger tank and I am the Pzgrandiers and the half tracks. We could do it that way I guess?

And even better we could both watch the movie at the same time if he just sent me the file before he watched it and we started it at same time over phone?


I like this idea.

Thanks man!

That will definitely help!

Just wish it was a feature, but I know that has already been "Anna Nicole Smithed" to death (no pun intended, or wait that IS a pun?)

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Well, I have gotten some feedback on the BoB forums as well, they seem to be of the opinion that since the results are calculated during the movie, if we both watched the movie at same time we would get different results, then you can't save the game during buying units either, not a problem. But the movie watching issue is the sticker, yes it would work PBEM vs you because I could just send the file to him and he could watch do his moves and send to me then I watch, do my move, send back and he does his then sends to you.........I think.

There HAS GOT to be a way to do this, sort of like the PBEM helper but obviously more work.

I just wish BFC would take the time implement it. I don't know how difficult it would be and I really don't care if it is awkward as long as it worked and had a flow to it.

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Originally posted by bitchen frizzy:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Cabe Booth:

they seem to be of the opinion that since the results are calculated during the movie

I don't think that's correct. Results are calculated after the second player in a turn to enter orders selects "GO". </font>
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You can save, you just can't hit go. Only the last of the cooperating players hits go.

I save in games vs. the AI all the time, just because it is big or something and I haven't finished the move, or because I get interrupted and have to go do something else before finishing the turn, etc.

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I suspect the important question is 'can you save them game while you still have the option to rewatch the movie?'

Saving the game whilst setting up orders is easy enough, so you can swap the file back and forth as many times as you want whilst issuing orders. But when you hit 'go' and get the movie, can you save it then? Or do you have to hit the button to take you back to issuing orders before you can save? In which case only one of you gets to see the movie.

Possible work-around: You both get a copy of the save with all the orders finalised. You both watch the movie on your computer. (You hope that you get the same results - don't know if the random number generator uses a seed saved in the file that will give the same results on both computers, or whether the seed is in some way randomised from the computer before running). Then one (and only one) of you plots his orders and sends the file to the next one.


1) A plots orders

2) A sends file to B

3) B plots orders

4) B sends file to A

5) A & B both watch movie

5a) B throws his save away

6) A plots orders

7) A send file to B

and so on.

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