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What is rarity vs casualties?

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I guess I am starting a definitive post on rarity in case someone, like me, does a search and doesn't come up with any answers.

The manual on the disk does a pretty good job explaining it.

But the other day I was playing a game and when we started to place units many of them were MISSING.

When I mentioned that many of my units were missing, he said "That's called rarity my friend".


Rarity make purchased unit not show up randomly?

I was calling "BS" on that.

Was he right or was it something to do with casualty settings? Can casualties make an entire tank or squad disappear at the start?

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Rarity affects only unit cost when switched on. The higher the Rarity, the more you pay for a given unit. With Rarity off, units cost what they cost, and the price doesn't vary over time.

The Casualty setting, though, is what creates missing units. Thus, you think you're getting ten tanks, but at a 20% Casualty level, you wind up with eight. This can get really hairy in that it is applied against the total force buy in a given QB, sometimes resulting in crippling losses to key weapons and troops. Oh, it smarts to be sure, but real commanders had to deal with things like breakdowns, air interdiction, collapsed bridges, fuel shortages, partisans, etc. Console yourself with the knowledge that whatever you do get will have full ammo and if a vehicle, full fuel, which CM doesn't track!


John Kettler

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oh it turned out all right,

My tiger, brummbar and a Stug IIIF showed

So did 2 25-1 HTs my 150inf gun, a large PAK and 2 squads.

He ended up with 1 Sherman, a greyhound, 2 priests and troops. Needless to say the minute they peeked over the hill, there was a burning Sherman, some scrambling troops and an abandoned Greyhound.

When the priests did a scoot and shoot hull down on top of the hill I just used the brummbar to area target the tip of the hill. As the priest moved forward, a very large artillery shell passed just over the rise through the upper carriage of the lightly armored vehicle. Right through the crew and gun. I assume the shell continued on past hitting the other priest sitting on the road behind the first because it never showed again

Now that is "casualty"

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I think so.

The after action report said my tiger did, but I am pretty sure that that brummbar did, and then I had the tiger cook it since he got an angle the next turn.

Being new to the game I don't know if it is possible and since the second unit was not visible.... yet i did hear the commotion and resulting yelling from both units.

Is it possible the an air burst occurred from the first unit causing casualties to the next?

I will say that I did take out a stu42 in 1 shot today with a priest which surprised me. I didn't know he could do that.

Let me rephrase, the stu42 EXPLODED. I love that.

It was a hit from the side from about.... well I am bad with meters being American... so let's say 500 yards or more.

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Seems like a reasonable explanation to me. If it was an airburst from a round that big, then you might've gotten two for one--if the vehicles were close enough to each other. As for the Priest's kill, Priests have some five rounds of HEAT each, capable of killing most German AFVs head on.


John Kettler

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For future reference,

would one of those rounds take out a big cat?

My use of priests is a very timid affair. Hiding them until the larger units are engaged, dead or out of sight.

But knowing that if i Had 2 or 3 priests engage a tiger or panther knowing that he can only kill one at a time....... Have em all just wail on it. Would be a very nice trade even if the cat took out 2 or even all of them in the exchange.

The stu42 that got assploded was a surprise to me as the priest was reversing to get behind a ridge out of site when it decided to target a fire at the stug. I was backing it out to allow my M10s to deal with the Stu42 when the axis AFV just popped like a giant fire pimple. I had to rewind the action to find out what happened to the poor fella. When I saw it was the mobile arty I was assuming it was a lucky hit on the top of the hull. Nope.

I have been experimenting, (not much of experiment than a revelation) with the British units and the 17 pounder equipped units

a) I was not aware that the Achilles is a super duper M10. I always just assumed it was a UK version with a comparable gun.... but now I know it is a hot knife for all the butter out there.

I had been using the static version of the 17 pounder with great success, now I know that I have a great way to make it mobile other than the archer (another fav of mine.)

B) the shermans of the UK have the 17lb gun too. I was very slow on realizing the destructiveness of the firefly variants, maybe because I always used them carelessly or thought that life was over without a tungsten loadout. Now I know to hide them and use them wisely. A 17 pounder equipped on a tank. I will take 10 please.

Of course loading out en masse with Achilles seems like a good plan as well, considering that if a Tiger hit my tank it is going to get waxed anyway. Might as well put the 17lb on a portee and I will reverse my way to victory.

I would have been more knowledgeable of all this if I spent my WW2 knowledge on tanks rather than planes. I can tel you what a tank is, but as to the effectiveness of its gun, that is something I always need to double check.

My biggest peeve about the CM series is the complete lack of info when at the purchase screen I wish someone could mod the game to make it give more info maybe by integrative the http://cmak.jemian.com/ (CMAK database)

As it is I have now started ALT tabbing out to check my available purchased with the comments and info there.

[ March 21, 2007, 11:54 PM: Message edited by: Cabe ]

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