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**Mods Posted - SPW 250/8 and 250/9**

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Finally ready for download at the CM Mod Database!

New textures, based on my SPW 251/1 mod, for two old CMBO "legacy" vehicles used in CMAK. Not that the old BMPs were bad or anything, but they were looking a little out of place amidst the CMAK (and CMBB visuals).

Oh, and they'll work in CMBB and CMBO, too. Sorry, but I was too lazy to make any alternate camouflage schemes. smile.gif

SPW 250/8


SPW 250/9


I'm not sure what BMP controls the 20mm gun barrel texture on the 250/9, so it's not included. The original looks pretty good, though, so no worries there.

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Originally posted by David I:

But Where o' Where is an updated 251/9 Stummel? :confused:

Winterize too please. :D


Since you asked so politely and all ;)


It's still in the early stages, which is why it looks kind of odd. I'll post here when it's ready. This vehicle could really use a new 3D model, as all the versions I've seen have the gun mounted not in a superstructure as shown (as on the SPW 250/8), but rather with the gun protruding through the area where the passenger-side vision block should be.

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Uh-oh. Looks like BFC used the early-war BMP numbers (in CMBB) for the late-war SPW250s in CMAK. Sorry to mislead--it looks as if the BMPs will need to be renumbered to work properly with CMBB.

Edited to add: the SPW 250/1, /7, and /10 mods should work in CMBB with no alterations, although the early versions are painted Afrika Korps brown.

[ June 07, 2004, 12:05 PM: Message edited by: AndrewTF ]

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Originally posted by David I:


They are going to be beautifull. Are you going to winterize them as well?? Hope, hope, hint, hint.


I wasn't planning on it. If one of our resident expert winterzers wants to take a crack then more power to them. smile.gif
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