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Caption time once more


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Corporal Hans is smiling

The Leutnant seeing him smiling yet again shouts, stop that and I don't want to hear, "I told you the bridge wouldn't hold us" again.

Jawohl Leutnant but I'm not smiling about that.

Then what are you smiling about?

Remember the General who shouted at you for half an hour?

ahhhhh, yes he made me feel like the most stupid, most worthless officer in the world....did you think that was funny? How was I to know the bridge would collaspe? Is that what you think is funny?

No SIR it is something else, the sign did say, it had a 15 ton limit.

Ah I don't want to hear it, I missed that lecture on bridge limits during training. Is that what your smiling about, my not knowing about bridge weight limits?

NO Sir, what I think is funny is that General is headed back this way with a two-meter long sharpen stake.

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"Okay, you win. Here's your 100 Marks. I recognize now that it's not called 'Panther' for being able climb up vertical surfaces."

"Who would have known - driving onto the bridge at top speed WASN'T fast enough to get across it by the time it collapsed! Now let's do it again!" -Wehrmacht Jackasses

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