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QB maps for CMAK...


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Where are the best sites for me to visit to D/L CMAK maps? After two and a half years of CM I have FINALLY decided to play Quick battles! :rolleyes: I guess I always preferred historical simulations, now I'm hooked! It has proven to be the best way to see all the new mods in action. Oh boy, NOW I'm hooked and shirking my work responsibilities! redface.gif

Also, if any of the Belgium boys are redoing their TREMENDOUS Ardennes maps for CMAK I would be more than happy to playtest these new designs.

NOW I can start my own scenario designs! :D

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I, like you, prefer QB on premade maps. I have a couple on my website. Im playing these maps at the moment, when I finish these games I will do some more. Let me know if you like them.

Nope. Don't like 'em--I LOVE 'em! I also downloadeded the marsh/swamp mod--which looks terrific! And a pretty good looking website too! :D

How in the world did you get your email address past the censors? That has to be the funniest email address I have ever seen. :D Plus, I can, er, relate to it! ;)

I'll take as many maps as you can make.I'm getting a little playtesting burn out so I am going to QB for a while.

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