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CMETO Fans! BoB's on H Chan now (12:31 a.m. PDT)

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Believe this is the episode right after the Brecon Court battery storming. History Channel's rerunning the entire series this week, at least on Time Warner Cable.


It's after the seizure of Carentan, the episode with the armored clash.


John Kettler

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Ep IV Replacements.

one of the best IMO, very action packed.

although the 251/22 didn't exist at the time of Market Garden IIRC. I still love the faux StuG. they did a good job on the mock-up.

What town where they storming with XXX corp?

Son was attacked by 107th Panzer Brigade from Aachen(Panther tanks and Jagdpanzer IVs or other Self-Propelled guns) against elements of the 101st and XXX Korp, but IIRC that was the 502nd asigned to take and hold the bridge at Son.

9th and 10th SS were at Nijmegen and Arnhem giving the 1st Airbourne and 82nd AB divisions grief.

I can't think of the rest of the KGs/Divisions the germans had along the route to Arnhem..eh.need to break out CloseCombat 2 again.

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