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Mod packs?

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Pretty new to the game here.

I am really interested in getting the best mod packs for CMAK. I want new smoke explosions terrain ect.

Also the remodde dunits. I know there are some useful mod sites out there like http://www.cmmods.com/

But the site is pretty hard to navigate and I cannot for the life of me getthe mods sorted out they way I need them or even find out what is best. I a not finding any effects mods there just units and terrain.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to the best mod packs? I can DL them individually, but the site is slooooow.

Many other mods site I find are nothing but broken links and I don't even know why they are up.

So if anyone has a modded game with nice set of folders... can you set up an FTP site for me to grab it from? Or just direct me to apge that has some solid packs?

I will coninue to try and find my way around the http://www.cmmods.com/ site, but jeez it isn't very user friendly, but a very thourough site. Glad to see the links work on it as the others are just dead or give me nothing but a long progress bar to nothing.

Help if you can.


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The problem is it depends what you want. There are GBs and GBs of fantastic mods, and plenty of "must be good for someones" mods.

If you want the best of everything, you need to:

Get all MikeyD's tanks (and anything else)

Get all AndrewTF's uniforms

Get Tarkus Interface mods.

Get Malakovski's Dusty Bomb

Get JuJus gun mods (it seems to be called MODSLITSMACK_JUJU on mu drive).

If you want playing aids, you should get RocketMan/GreenAsJade gridded high contrast terrains.

Get the other GreenAsJade High Contrast components (Arid Rocks, Barbed Wire)

Get GreenAsJade's Smooth-Inside-Schonhult-Crater

Find the ETO set of terrain mods to completely change everything to the Euorpean Theatre.

Geez, that's just off the top off my head, and totally insults lots of mod authors by not mentioning them!


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