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CMAK Demo - graphics issue in lower left and right corners?

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I'm having great fun with the demo...even if the computer has handed me my but a few times. ;)

One thing I noticed though - is that while the turns are loading, I get a peculiar graphics issue in the lower left and lower right of my screen.

It appears as though there is partially obscured text...or something stretching from each respective corner, in about 2-3 inches towards the centre. If it is text, I'm not sure that its English.

The picture, or game picture - what I can see of the battlefield, is what is partially obscures this text or whatever it is, as it overlaps it. When turns aren't loading, the text is still there - but not moving, and therefore less visible.

Anyhow, not sure if this is just affecting my rig, if this is already a known issue or if this is some sort of intended feature - but I thought I'd mention it.

If necessary, I'll see if I can't post some screenies when I get home.


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You are not alone .............

From your description I think I'm seeing the same thing from time to time.

In the black area just either side of the bar that contains the game buttons I'm a thin area with what looks like text.

It's not there all the time, but appears during the game ... not sure if anything in particular is causing it but I have noticed that doing an Alt-Tab will clear it.

PC Spec:

P4 2.6Ghz 512mb ram

Nvidia Gforce4 Ti4200 128mb ram.


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