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Fortifications Pack

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I've posted the first version of the Fortifications pack to the CMAK section of CMMODS.

The idea behind the pack was to get different mod artists to make variations of somebody else's work, but in their own style. Most of this work is compatible with CMAK and CMBB.

So I asked a few people to play around with my dirt trench, and this is what came back:


This is an Uncle Tgt screenshot of one of his versions of my dirt trench.

The pack currently includes work by Gautrek (sand trench), David I, and Uncle Tgt.

My apologies to everyone for rushing this out, but there are storm clouds brewing on my personal horizon, and I don't want to run the risk of these things getting lost in my hard drive. I'm hoping that this will inspire others to finish the project, and to extend it to other people's work as well.

The pack also includes my minefield markers and barbed wire (not much point in putting snow on these, but it's nice to have them all in one place).

Please back up your originals, and, since much of this work isn't mine, please don't re-use it without contacting David, Uncle Tgt, or Gautrek.

And I'm looking forward to doing more extensive versions of this.

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