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Shooting up abandoned tanks... -- resolved

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... eventually changes their status to 'knocked out'?

I ask because in an operation I was trying to put an abandoned KV beyond future use. I gave up after one minute of penetrating and partially penetrating shots failed to change its status because I was running out of AP for my stug. I

just assumed that 4-5 of such shots would render a tank unusable, but apparently not in this case, and I wondered if it was possible at all.


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I got home and ran some tests - basically loads of T34 vs PIVF2, with some of each out of LOS behind a ridge.

After a decent sample of knocked out T34 were available I retreated the rest and brought out the hidden PIV to target the abandoned tanks. I found that, yes, you can change the status of an 'abandoned' tank to 'knocked out' without setting it ablaze, and the 'knocked out' sign appears to both sides at the same time. However, your tanks will not cease shooting until the abandoned tank is on fire, despite 'knowing' the status of the tank.

I think this was an oversight by BFT. They fixed the AI so the tank firing on an abandoned tank does not know if it has been knocked out before it is set on fire, but didn't ensure that the player knows only what his forces know.

Just one more thing to be fixed in the next patch (ha ha).

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An abandoned tank might be re-crewed in a later battle if the crew remains on map. Just as inf might get (part of) their losses replaced.


a) It depends on the settings - there is one for vehicle repair/resupply in the editor.

B) It might take several battles till it comes back. Especially if there are several battles per day.

c) Knocked out tanks might re-appear, too - but with a much smaller probability.

d) IIRC gun damaged or immo'd tanks can disappear (and come back later)



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Burned tanks never return. That is the value of shooting them up until they "brew."

G-of-M's bogged tank was abondoned because it had not yet been "recovered." Inoperable tanks (immobile, gun damage, etc.) are not automatically available the next battle... there is a "chance" of repair, not a given.

Recovery is more likely between night battles.

Crew survival increases the chance of a tank returning, but is not essential. That is my take on re-reading the manual (always in arm's reach from my computer). "Be aware that a vehicle can only be repaired if its crew escapes from the battle map (or if they're killed/captured, but then there is additional delay before the repaired tank will return) so don't keep crews around fighting like infantry." I know this goes against conventional wisdom, but that is what the manual says.

Abandoned tanks are more likely to return than knocked out tanks.

The abandoned or KO'ed tank needs to be in your zone in order to be recovered.

Guns can return in the same manner.

My 2 cents. Welcome new players.

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