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Regenerating Tank Commander bug?


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Been playing Tiger Valley PBEM, and forgot I guess to un- and re-button my Tigers. My genius Elite Tiger TC unbuttons toward the end of the round, 3 seconds later a shot rings out, the TC screams, the crew stats show 4ok,1 cas, "shocked", the turn ends. Next turn, it's still "shocked", but the crew count is 5?!?!? Anybody ever see this before?

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Jochen, I think they do open for themselves if you leave them unattended. (It was different in CMBO - once you made the AI tanks button, they remained virtually blind to the end of the battle.)

To be sure they keep inside you must button them up in that turn's order phase - unbutton and re-button if they started the turn buttoned up.

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Note, though, that the buttoning effect lasts only for a limited period - they WILL eventually open up automatically. But not within a minute of manual buttoning. (damn you, David!!!)

Before the patch, they could open up already during the same turn. Which wasn't fun when your tanks were in the middle of a mortar barrage.

What is fun, however, is the start of Battlestar Galactica (the new version) in Finnish tv tonight.

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Originally posted by Bobhorn:

Next turn, it's still "shocked", but the crew count is 5?!?!? Anybody ever see this before?

What you witnessed is the crew deploying the emergency TC, much like the emergency auto-pilot in "Airplane". This was an experimental feature first tried out in Tunisia. The early models consisted of an inflatable figure, complete with intercom, but they were soon replaced with a wooden head and upper torso mounted on a pole.

Every once in a great while you will see one being sold on E-bay.

Richie is the scenairo designer for "Tiger Valley". I suggest you e-mail him and ask if he has either the inflatable or wooden E-TC feature added to the scenario.

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Okay, here's the links, the first file is the movie, watch Lt. Bertrams, at the end of the turn he unbuttons and is hit. In the next turn, the orders turn, you can see he's apparently recovered rather nicely.



And the password is bobhorn

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