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Originally posted by Kanonier Reichmann:

Since the raw results have been published now for some time is it still planned to convert the results into Nabla adjusted ones? Just curious, that's all.


Jim R.

Treeburst155 has agreed to run the finals scores thru the Nabla system. I just sent him the spreadsheet (jbertles, your score has been corrected), so give him a day or three to crunch the numbers.
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IIRC, this tourney started about 11 months ago. If everyone had paid an entrance fee (the proceeds going to a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cash prize), only the "serious" would enter. Games would be completed in a more timely manner. Just an idea.....

I've crunched the raw scores with the Nabla program and sent the results to Kingfish. I'm sure he will post these results as soon as he has the time. I will be checking this thread each day, just in case there are scoring questions.

Treeburst155 out.

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And here she be:

The Twelve Finalists' Scores/Ranking

1) Walpurgis_Nacht..........1.09

2) Steve_S..................0.58

3) Victor_Charlie...........0.39

4) Malakovski...............0.06

5) Green_Hornet............-0.05

6) Londoner................-0.08

7) Flenser_Holien..........-0.18

8) Steve_McClaire..........-0.30

9) Panzertwat..............-0.30

10) Sivodsi................-0.48

11) Stoneage...............-0.49

12) Tlkillerich_Platehead..-0.75

All Participants Scores/Ranking (Finalists have "**")

1) **Walpurgis_Nacht 1.09

2) Kanonier_Reichmann 0.99

3) **Steve_S 0.58

4) Grimthane 0.50

5) Elmar 0.43

6) Ankulin 0.42

7) **Victor_Charlie 0.39

8) Big_Dog 0.31

9) BigDuke6 0.30

10) John_Bertles 0.19

11) Sandy 0.16

12) Stikkypixie 0.13

13) **Malakovski 0.06

14) Michael_Dorosh -0.01

15) mPisi -0.04

16) **Green_Hornet -0.05

17) Dangerous_Dave -0.07

18) **Londoner -0.08

19) Melnibone -0.09

20) **Flenser_Holien -0.18

21) Sripe -0.21

22) Other_means -0.29

23) **Steve_McClaire -0.30

24) **Panzertwat -0.30

25) John_O -0.32

26) **Sivodsi -0.48

27) **Stoneage -0.49

28) Diesel_Taylor -0.60

29) Green_as_Jade_ded -0.70

30) The_Enigma -0.74

31) **Tlkillerich_Platehead -0.75

32) Frenchy -0.91

Scenario Scores (alphabetical)

# St_Nazaire

Ankulin -0.14

BigDuke6 0.96

Big_Dog -1.25

Dangerous_Dave 0.14

Diesel_Taylor 0.14

Elmar 0.86

Flenser_Holien -0.59

Frenchy -0.26

Green_Hornet -0.66

Green_as_Jade_ded -1.03

Grimthane 0.88

John_Bertles 0.26

John_O -0.14

Kanonier_Reichmann 1.06

Londoner 0.66

Malakovski 0.59

Melnibone -0.88

Michael_Dorosh 0.59

Other_means -0.91

Panzertwat 0.00

Sandy -0.26

Sivodsi -1.67

Sripe -0.59

Steve_McClaire 0.00

Steve_S 0.99

Stikkypixie -0.14

Stoneage -1.09

The_Enigma 0.26

Tlkillerich_Platehead 0.00

Victor_Charlie 0.00

Walpurgis_Nacht 1.16

mPisi 0.14

# Tiger_Valley

Ankulin 0.45

BigDuke6 -0.45

Big_Dog 1.15

Dangerous_Dave 0.05

Diesel_Taylor -0.45

Elmar 0.93

Flenser_Holien 0.05

Frenchy -1.58

Green_Hornet -0.14

Green_as_Jade_ded -0.05

Grimthane 0.63

John_Bertles 0.45

John_O -0.98

Kanonier_Reichmann 1.07

Londoner 0.23

Malakovski 0.39

Melnibone 0.76

Michael_Dorosh -0.63

Other_means 0.05

Panzertwat -0.23

Sandy -0.39

Sivodsi -0.05

Sripe -0.05

Steve_McClaire 0.05

Steve_S -0.05

Stikkypixie 0.39

Stoneage -0.39

The_Enigma -1.28

Tlkillerich_Platehead -1.97

Victor_Charlie 0.14

Walpurgis_Nacht 1.20

mPisi -0.76

# Loaded_for_Bear

Ankulin 0.94

BigDuke6 0.40

Big_Dog 1.04

Dangerous_Dave -0.40

Diesel_Taylor -1.48

Elmar -0.50

Flenser_Holien 0.00

Frenchy -0.87

Green_Hornet 0.67

Green_as_Jade_ded -1.01

Grimthane 0.00

John_Bertles -0.15

John_O 0.15

Kanonier_Reichmann 0.85

Londoner -1.14

Malakovski -0.81

Melnibone -0.15

Michael_Dorosh 0.00

Other_means 0.00

Panzertwat -0.67

Sandy 1.13

Sivodsi 0.28

Sripe 0.00

Steve_McClaire -0.94

Steve_S 0.80

Stikkypixie 0.15

Stoneage 0.00

The_Enigma -1.21

Tlkillerich_Platehead -0.28

Victor_Charlie 1.01

Walpurgis_Nacht 0.90

mPisi 0.50

Still have to calculate the AAR bonuses, but the section leaders may be so far ahead that those in second place may not be able to overtake them.

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Congratulations and thanks again to WN for his victory and the organisers and scenario developers for their efforts. Obviously the problems finishing off the second round seems to have taken the shine off the tournament a bit. Nevertheless, I had a great deal of fun and I am dead chuffed to have finished in the position I did...athough I was lucky in the setup of StNaz and auto-resolving LfB was less than satisfactory. Fortunately, WN was so far ahead it didn't matter.

As for Treeburst's suggestion about an entrance fee, I'd be quite happy to contribute something to a prize pool. I'm not sure, however, that this would avoid the problems that beset the 2nd round. After all, 70 odd people managed to complete the 1st round pretty much within the deadline as I recall. From what my opponents were telling me, I'd guess that TV and LfB crossed a critical threshold in size beyond which "dashing off a turn" was not an option given their personal circumstances. Hence, the time taken for completion was not simply scaled by the number of turns.


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Scenario size is an essential consideration for Tourneys.

You have to keep players interest and even with an entrance fee players will lose interest if it takes too long to undertake a turn.

The average player wants IMO a quick turn around else they lose the will to play on.

Also I think all tournies will suffer a 10% to 20% drop out rate in which case you need back up players to take their slots. This would happen even if people had paid. Perhaps maybe down to 10% but you will still get some players dropping out.

I must say that TV was very good but perhaps not a good choice for a tourney? It does seem that this Tourney has run out of steam?


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Congrats to Walpurgis, now tell us about your brilliant coup in St. Nazaire, I've been waiting for months to find out.

I finished all the final scenarios quickly, so my views on the impracticality of big scenarios in a tournament are probably skewed. I liked Tiger Valley so much I am playing it again.

That said, LfB for me was just a grind and a slugfest; as you would expect if a German battalion kampfgruppe has to dig a roughly similar number of Soviets out of a ruined village. I think the locked-in set-up definately limited player options, so I think the lesson here is that if it's big, give players lots of room to figure out plans, lots not fewer options.

For the record I vote against entrance fees, just my opinion.

But all in all I had a great time and for my money two of the scenarios are classics: Moltke Bridge and Tiger Valley. Give me the chance, I'll sign up again in a heartbeat. Outstanding wargaming, my heartfelt thanks to the organizers and designers.

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Originally posted by walpurgis nacht:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Bigduke6:

Congrats to Walpurgis, now tell us about your brilliant coup in St. Nazaire, I've been waiting for months to find out.

I placed 10 squads in the open right in front of the main heavy building flag at setup. Took a bong hit. Pressed "go".

That's it. :D </font>

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Well, there's a turn up for the books. 4th in the finals round!

I'd like to add my thanks to the organisers and designers for some terrific battles.

I totally agree with BigDuke that Moltke and Tiger were the highlights. They were both designed by Richie I think, so much kudos to him.

It's interesting to see comments that there was too much variability in setup for St Naz, and not enough for Bear! What a tightrope the designers walk...

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Congratulations to Walpurgis Nacht, Steve S & Victor Charlie!

Well Done Fellas! :D

A special mention for Kanonier Reichmann Grimthane & Elmar! Top work to do so well in the end. :cool:

BigDuke6 will be happy to know his T-34/85 was posted yesterday... Airmail, despite the expense, so expect it in about ten days or so!

Hopefully US customs are nice to it :rolleyes:

If any of you guys want to review my scenarios you can do so over at the Scenario Depot!

Thanks for your kind words! Feedback is always appreciated.

Congrats again Guys! Top Work! ;)

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Yep, a very impressive victory for Walpurgis Nacht so congratulations to the winner for his consistantly victorious results in all the battles.

My personal view on the scenario's is that Tiger Valley was the cream of the crop closely followed by Highlanders in Hell & The Sanitorium. Thank you once again to the tournament organisers & scenario designers for their hard work in keeping this ROW on track as best they could despite the apparently deathly turn rate of some of the participants.


Jim R.

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I believe prizes are in order of delivery, Kingfish?

Congrats to WN (2nd time winner), Steve and Victor, as well as the diligent participants.

KF, send me the e-mails of the wine prize winners so that I can start discussions regarding ther wine choices, will you.


Charl Theron

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AAR update:

I've gotten at least one AAR from the following:







I have somewhere between 1 and 2 dozen AARs (I'll post a more accurate report Friday evening). If anyone else plans to submit an AAR, please let me know.

As it stands now, one of the six people listed above will be the winner of a Richie model.

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